Someone Vandalized A Billboard To Say "Kill The NRA" And It's Getting A Lot Of Reaction

The NRA says the message is a threat to the lives of its members.

A billboard in Louisville, Kentucky, was vandalized with the message "Kill the NRA" on Monday, less than a week after 17 people were shot and killed in the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

While speculations of origins of the sign remain unconfirmed, it was tagged with "Resist 45," a group that's tagged other anti-Trump signs in the Louisville area.

National Rifle Association posted the photo on its Facebook page with the caption to "all American gun owners" that "this is a wakeup call. They're coming after us."

Some NRA members called it a direct threat of violence from "the left."

"Kill the NRA" was put on a billboard... FYI. The NRA = American voters. The left is threatening violence against NRA members.

"Kill the NRA" I am part of the NRA along with millions of other Americans. Are you threating to kill me?

I take this as a personal threat. "Kill the NRA"

Jack Posobiec, a pro-Trump personality on Twitter, said the sign is a "reminder that the left wants you dead."

Others are taking issue with the messaging.

Absurd that "Kill the NRA" is trending. Isn't the whole purpose of annihilating the NRA to prevent further killings?

"Kill the NRA" Well, with rhetoric like that I feel totally comfortable surrendering all of my firearms, said no gun owner ever.

Some, however, argue that "Kill the NRA" was meant to be interpreted as dismantling the organization and its influence on politics and legislation.

The billboard that reads "Kill the NRA", doesn’t infer to killing people. If you believe that you are just ignoran…

"Kill the NRA" = Destroy and Dismantle the Organization. Morons.

Haaaa. Right-wingers are acting the NRA is an actual person to be killed. It's not guys. #KilltheNRA

@joncoopertweets Kill the NRA doesn't mean kill people. It means killing the organization (& its ideology) as it's…

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