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HeY gUyS,

I'm a BuzzFeed News reporter, and I think everyday people pursuing fame and money by any means necessary are their own kind of art form. I write a weekly newsletter featuring some of their craftiest and funniest and most questionable pursuits. It's called Please Like Me, and I'm here to sell you on it. I have learned from the greatest in the field, after all.

Do you like reading about low-stakes, weird, and/or marginally immoral online drama? Are you curious about the real issues within the influencer industry? Are you tickled by influencers trying to rebrand seasons and time and all the odd products they shill? What is "butthole sunning?" Why are famous vegans making huge dietary shifts?

If you answered an indignant "no," congrats, you've reached a morally superior nirvana! You've won the internet. However, if you love this stuff, or are even curious a little bit, you should sign up for the newsletter.

It'll come straight to your inboxes, once a week, every week — except for the weeks it won't and you'll be upset and I'll be secretly happy to know that you are because then I will know I have reached some kind of relevancy and clout.

Enjoy! Thank you!


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