This Teen Made Her Boyfriend Panic After Pulling A Savage Eyebrow Prank

"She's brave AF."

Meet 17-year-old Lizette Galvan from Fort Worth, Texas. She's a makeup enthusiast, and depending on how you feel about her latest stunt, you can also call her hero or "headass," as her friends have joked.

Lizette Galvan

Galvan told BuzzFeed News she was watching a Star Wars Yoda transformation video on Sunday when she had an idea.

Not to turn into Yoda, but to take a certain trick she learned from the tutorial and use it against her boyfriend.

"I was sitting at my vanity and I remembered about [the video], and my boyfriend being my best friend, I got the idea of pranking him," she said.

Galvan grabbed an Elmer's washable glue stick and a few makeup tools and began her mission. She texted her boyfriend, 17-year-old Anthony Rabago, that she was going to shave her eyebrows, then attached photographic evidence.

Lizette Galvan

Apparently her boyfriend didn't believe her, so she "sent him a video on Snapchat and that's when he was actually confused," she said. Galvan sent him a photo of both her eyebrows "shaved" off, and that's when panic started to set in for Rabago.

Lizette Galvan

Galvan said she had actually washed her right eyebrow coating/makeup off after the first text, but reapplied it to both her eyebrows when she noticed Rabago freaking out.

"I saw his reaction saying 'babe' so I knew I had to do it again," she said.

Galvan then drew over her eyebrows and sent Rabago another photo explaining she'd done all this "to try new brow shapes."

Lizette Galvan

Immediately afterward, she said, she got a missed FaceTime call from him.

Galvan shared the whole escapade on Twitter, where thousands of people have collapsed in praise and laughter over this.

@BabbieLilly @galvanlizette13 I dont know but im fucking still laughing about this 😂😂😂

@galvanlizette13 I'm fucking dead, this is so cute 😂

And commented on how satisfied Galvan looks in the photos: "She's brave AF."

@perlaalejandra_ @galvanlizette13 I want to be as happy as her 😂

She said she did end up telling her boyfriend it was all a prank, and they were able to laugh about it. For anyone thinking about trying this on their partners, Galvan said "there's no harm in giving [them] a mini heart attack."

"Have a sense of humor built in the relationship!" she added.

And if you're wondering exactly how the eyebrow prank was pulled off, she used an eyebrow brush, three coats of glue stick, unlimited coats of loose translucent setting powder, a makeup sponge, two coats of orange concealer, and two coats of full-coverage foundation.

Mostly, people are giving kudos to Rabago for still keeping his cool and admiring their loving and playful relationship.

@galvanlizette13 he's still not rude about it even though he's shocked as hell, bless y'all & y'all's relationship❤️❤️💪👍