These Parents Of 14 Sons Gave Their Newborn The Middle Name "Sheboygan" ("She's A Boy Again")

And, yes, people had some thoughts. Dad told BuzzFeed News he thinks the name is "super cool and unique."

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, a couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan, are now parents to 14 boys who range in age from a couple of days old to 25 years. Kateri gave birth to their newest addition on Wednesday — another baby boy.

On Friday, the Today show invited the parents on the program, and asked them to reveal the name of their newest child. "This is Finley Sheboygan," Jay announced. "We kinda held out a little hope for a girl but she was a boy again."

Parents of 14 boys reveal the middle name of their newest son, “Sheboygan” (She’s a boy again)

Sheboygan is an actual town in Wisconsin, which Today hosts inquired about. But that had no influence on the middle name, the parents confirmed.

It was simply derived from the statement "she (a) boy (a)gain." Sheboygan.

"We pulled the trigger on Sheboygan for a middle name. ... If ever we were going to use it, now is the time," Jay added.

The reactions to the middle name were pretty immediate and, um, unanimous.

Just a lot of general confusion, and people weren't sure where to target it.

I don't even know where to start

Some laughed.

This woman on the news had 14 boys and the child she just gave birth to’s middle name is “Sheboygan”——- she’s a boy again I LOST IT LMFAOOO

And a handful of people said they genuinely appreciated the name. "I knew our choice of the middle name would generate some shock and eye rolling, but I think it’s super cool, and unique," Jay told BuzzFeed News.

@TODAYshow @1045SNX Very unique name 🤗😇

"In 20 years when he’s explaining to his buddies that he’s the youngest of 14 boys, it will be cool, I’m sure," he added.

@TODAYshow If I was that kid I'd be like "what the hell mom" when I got older

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