Honestly I Don't Think These College Mug Designers Thought This Through

"See you (in class) next Tuesday!" —University of North Texas

Over the past 24 hours, people online have been clowning the University of North Texas over a mug design...flaw? We'll go with that.

(Oh, that unfortunate position and curvature of the handle next to the letters "UNT.")

The internet reactions were inspired by an Imgur photo posted a week ago — that randomly resurged last night — but we’re told the product was actually created a year ago.

Leslie Minton, a spokesperson for UNT, told BuzzFeed the university started seeing tweets and jokes about this photo last Friday. "It an unfortunate design mistake," she said. "But it was designed more than a year ago for an event on campus."

Minton told BuzzFeed there was absolutely "no intention whatsoever" behind the mug design — it was all an innocent mistake on their part.

"There were no obscenities or intentions!" she said. "It's an unfortunate design mistake."

The university wants to assure to everyone cackling and/or raising eyebrows about it that "there is no secret message — it's just a mug."

"But we see why it's so funny," Minton added.

Interestingly enough, the current mugs for sale on the school's Barnes and Noble page have the handle on the opposite side. The store told BuzzFeed this is just a different design — nothing further.


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