This College Student Got Hit In The Head With A 1-Pound Ceiling Tile And People Went Crazy

"You're paralyzed, partially blind, and deaf from the noise. Say it with me."

This is 18-year-old Austin Flores, a student at Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). On Monday, he got hit on the head with a falling ceiling tile while sitting in a music class.

Before you freak out (Mr. and Mrs. Flores), Austin is OK. In fact, he said it was about a 1-pound mass or less, and it "didn't hurt at all." He even tweeted a selfie immediately after cleaning off some of the debris.

"It didn't hurt at all because it was wet and so the material softened up," Austin told BuzzFeed News. "I'm pretty sure it was a leaky pipe and the tile just got soggy and fell on my head."

Austin left it at that, and went on with his day.

The internet, meanwhile, had only one reaction upon hearing of this incident.

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI Better get that money!

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI This would be me on the way to the business office and getting my money cause Fafsa don't pull…

Everyone's expert legal opinion for Austin was virtually unanimous: "You're paralyzed, partially blind, and deaf from the noise. Say it with me."

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI You're paralyzed, partially blind, and deaf from the noise. Say it with me.

He needed to quickly lawyer up.

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI Me and my attorney

And get that tuition waived. And collect those checks from the university.

@latinoboy112 Walking to the bank like

People were pissed at Austin for taking a selfie and not milking everything out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

why you taking pics acting like you all good? get on the ground, start crying about the pain, and get your tuition…

You supposed to be on the floor acting like you in pain but you here taking pictures smh

"Instead of ... playing dead you're on Twitter doing photography........some of you don't want to be blessed."

instead of you to be playing dead you're on twitter doing photography........some of u don't want to be blessed

College tuition costs are a crime in this country and this kid did not realize and receive his blessing!!!! they said.

Boiii das when u start acting blind, deaf, and have a stroke. not take pictures

Three words, Austin...

IUPUI was informed of the falling ceiling tile and had a brief correspondence with Austin — but just to make sure facilities can clean up and check it out. And, sorry guys, he again relayed to the school that "it didn't hurt at all."

He wants to reaffirm that he does not hold the school liable for the soggy ceiling tile. "I'm not trying to bash IUPUI for what happened because it wasn't their fault," he told BuzzFeed News.

Everyone else, on the other hand...

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI This would've been me

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI Me showing up to the next class

@latinoboy112 boyyy I woulda won a academy award

Wyd, Austin, being all reasonable and stuff. Smh.

@latinoboy112 @IUPUI I would of been like

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