People Are 100% Not OK With How This Teen's Roommate Opens His Bread

"This surely must be the devil's way of communicating with the world."

This is 18-year-old Alasdair Mckay, who's been living with his roommate in Aberdeen, Scotland, for six months now. He told BuzzFeed News they gel really well as roommates, except for one thing.

Mckay's roommate opens his store-bought bread packaging like this: by ripping it wide open in the middle of the loaf.

"It had been going on for a while," Mckay said. He's been observing and taking pictures, quietly laughing to himself. He's also a bit horrified.

On Monday, he thought it'd be hilarious to finally expose this. He tweeted the photos, captioning, "I don't feel safe anymore." People seem to feel similarly about it. It's been retweeted more than 12,000 times already.

One of my flatmates opens their bread like this. I don't feel safe anymore.

In fact, people have even stronger feelings. They're calling it straight-up sinful.

@Almckayy this surely must be the devil's way of communicating with the world

Strangers are hilariously advising Mckay to get out of there immediately.

@Almckayy @ladyauntiecathy Leave immediately

"Run, forget the deposit just run!" someone hollered. Someone else agreed and added, "If someone can open bread like this who knows what else they could be capable of."

@BartHobson @Almckayy I second that. If someone can open bread like this who knowa what else they could be capable of

People are asking if the roommate is a literal animal.

@Almckayy @Jfarrers do they snarl, eat raw steak and howl at the moon?

"Where he @ when it's a full moon?"

@Almckayy Right okay so he's clearly half dog or some shit and opens it with his teeth?? Where he @ when it's a full moon?

"U live with a raccoon please go get ur shots."

U live with a raccoon please go get ur shots

They're even considering this to be a graphic image.

I've become so desensitised to violence because of news and TV that this is more horrifying than a picture of a dea…

Twitter is supposed to ask me if I want to see sensitive media. I'm so traumz.

But then.

Some folks came out of the woodwork to stand with the roommate and to reveal that they, too, open their bread this way.

@Almckayy @ChrisMcQueer what's the big deal, yo?

Their friends now have no idea who they're friends with anymore.

@JamesVonDoom @Almckayy Jeezo, you think you know a guy

Mckay said his roommate — who chose to remain anonymous — finally saw the tweet, and the overwhelming responses, on Wednesday. However, he still "doesn't see a problem with" how he opens bread, Mckay said.

If they can do that they can kill. Move out asap

"He says it's how he's always done it."

This is like people who squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube. nope.gif

When BuzzFeed News pressed further, and raised the issue of his bread possibly going stale much quicker this way, Mckay said he has "now vowed to never open his bread like this again."