This Teen Genuinely Cried Upon Seeing His Girlfriend's Selfies And It Has A Lot Of People In Awe

Nathan's emotional response also has some people (mostly men) unable to relate and highly skeptical.

This is 18-year-old Rozaline Siordia and 19-year-old Nathan Urias. They've been together for only three months, but they're head over heels for each other, they told BuzzFeed News.

Last Thursday evening, the two returned to their respective homes after a date night out, and texted each other before they went to bed. Urias said he loved the makeup Siordia had on that night, so he asked her to send him some selfies.

"My daily wear is minimal and pretty natural and he loves me with makeup and without it all the same," she added. "I don't take selfies too often." So she sent over a few photos.

"I opened them and started tearing up right away," Urias recalled. When he told Siordia over text, she didn't quite believe him. So he sent his girlfriend a photo of his eye welling up with tears.

Siordia said she knew her boyfriend was being genuine because she, too, has cried from being overwhelmed with joy just spending time with him.

She thought the moment was the most pure representation of their love, so she was compelled to share their conversation online. Her tweet has gone viral, with nearly 47,000 retweets. Many people are feeling how strong and pure their love is.

@httprozaline 1) you're fucking beautiful 2) your makeup is on point 3) stay with him forever oh my god

They are commenting on how much of a "keeper" Urias is.

@httprozaline @_lesliebbyxo MUST BE NICE. girl he’s a keeper !

@httprozaline @Pettingurdog cherish HIM, KEEP HIM HELD TIGHT SIS😭💕

"It's early in the relationship and we may still be young but I know without a doubt that Nathan is the one for me," Siordia said.

The couple, however, have also received a sampling of pessimistic responses from strangers. Some refuse to believe Urias' viscerally emotional response was genuine, and/or that the couple's intent on sharing that moment was genuine.

@httprozaline @theskytalkstome No you're not, no one is, grow up and stop sharing your intimacy on public for likes…

There are jokes that he'd faked the crying. "I didn't fake it. I didn't force it either. I love her that much," Urias said firmly in response.

@httprozaline "She gon' think I'm actually crying."

"I just want people to know that this was genuine," he added. "Crying because of that doesn't make me any less of a 'man.'"

"Having emotions doesn't take away your masculinity; it just shows that you're human," said Siordia. She said she knows they have a love that's authentic. "We've grown together emotionally."

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