People Are Very Entertained By These Tiny Signs A Guy Made To Lure Ants Into His Poison Traps

"Sexy ant dancers" --->

Patrick Tobin is a Brooklyn resident who's been dealing with a very persistent ant problem at home, he told BuzzFeed News.

The poison traps he's set out have been there for several weeks but Tobin keeps observing the ants casually, and coolly avoiding them.

"They seem to just walk around them," he said.

So on Tuesday, Tobin decided to get smart and try luring them with attractive signs.

Ants are a lot like humans: They hustle and bustle to and from work every day, so he really needed something to get their attention.

And they are Brooklyn ants, for that matter.

Tobin said he's not sure how many ants, if any, have entered these places of business yet. But he's optimistic. "Hopefully they want to buy The Zookeeper on Blu-Ray for cheap. Or some fresh avocado," he said. "Avocado is big these days, you know. Very popular."

Anyway, regardless of whether this works, people are highly, highly entertained by Tobin's handiwork.

This is truly special and I love it.

Although some pointed out logistical flaws. Tobin may need to go back to the drawing board.

If the ants cant read how they gonna read a sign for a reading center

@tastefactory Ants don't live long enough to have remembered Blockbuster.

And then there was one person who shared a story about — wait, what.

have i ever told the story of how my mum got our ant invasion on birth control so they'd eventually die out? weirdl…

Tobin promises to keep us updated on his progress.

In the meantime, we'll try to get sexy ant dancers off our minds.