A Professor Provided A List Of "Questions For Heterosexuals" To Show How Hard They Are To Answer

2. "When did you decide you were a heterosexual?"

This is 20-year-old Elise, who's currently a junior in college and enrolled in a human sexuality course.

The professor created a list called "Questions for Heterosexuals in the Class" in one of her slides based on common questions LGBTQ people are constantly asked. Elise told BuzzFeed News the intention of the slide was "to show [the class] how hard these questions are to answer."

Elise said a lot of students were amused by the slide — and that was exactly the professor's point.

"The slide is supposed to be funny, but she made us really think about why it was so funny," she said.

"A lot of people in the class had probably never been asked these questions before, so I think she was trying to show them what it would be like, but in a humorous way."

For fun, Elise said the professor did challenge some students to attempt to answer these awkward questions to really drive the point.

She wanted to share the list of questions with her friends and followers online, but it's reached far more people now. It's now gone viral, and a lot of strangers are applauding the professor.

@sincerelyelise @DamagedBrainzs


"Absolutely fucking brilliant!"

Absolutely fucking brilliant! ❤️ https://t.co/WXXYSgwQr0

Some people have even offered new, revelant questions to the list. Like, "Did you need to have gay sex to make sure you were heterosexual?"

Optional Terry Gross bonus question, "Did you need to have gay sex to make sure you were heterosexual?" https://t.co/vdI0EuP4sS

Or "have you even TRIED homosexuality? How do you know you're sure?"

@sincerelyelise @neilhimself have you even TRIED homosexuality? How do you know you're sure?

Someone even shared a personal story inspired by the hilarity and absurdity of these commonly asked questions.

@Rainbowthespian @ayyemmett @sincerelyelise @neilhimself

But not everyone was in support of the professor's teaching style. Some people think this was inappropriate for academia. And others went even further to condemn her.

Yeah I'm not paying my kids tuition so the professor can do stupid shit like this https://t.co/evMFXU8RWs

"I've had a couple responses talking about getting my professor fired, and even some slurs and death threats," Elise said.

"That's why I didn't want to share my professor's name or my school."

@sincerelyelise @coupdebanks this shouldn't be allowed

"I think that a lot of straight people feel victimized by these questions," Elise said in response to some she's gotten. "I don’t think that’s the purpose of the questions at all."

"But I do think it’s silly that someone would be offended by these questions to straight people but not appalled at the way the LGBTQ community is treated," she said.

"I know things are getting better, but seeing how people responded to this tweet has really showed me that we have a while to go," Elise added.

@sincerelyelise @eskalated Definitely a way to make people think

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