People Knew Exactly What To Do With This Rate My Professor Page For Ross Geller

"He gave me 4 zeros for missing assignments I didn't show up for but WE WERE ON A BREAK."

You may already know a account was made for a Dr. Ross Geller some time ago. (If so, good for you!) But for those who don't, you will be delighted to know it exists.


And our ~New York University professor of paleontology~ faired pretty well in ratings. Sadly, however, Dr. Geller only scored a single chili pepper in "hotness."

People have been leaving reviews on his page for years now, but there's been a real resurgence after folks started tweeting about it recently.

Guys there's a rate my professor page for Ross Geller

Guys go on rate my professor and search Professor Ross Geller and read all the comments they're hilarious😂

The newest reviews on Ross Geller's Rate My Professor page are not only fantastic, but prove people knew exactly what to do with them.

"He had a really obnoxious accent and his friends would always come in."

"I heard he knows the actor that plays Dr. Drake Ramory from Days of Our Lives, so that's pretty cool too."

"My name is Emily but for some reason whenever he calls me for attendance he calls me Rachel."

People shared tips for acing his class, like telling him you love him.

"Professor Geller was dating this girl Elizabeth in my class and I'm pretty sure she got an A."

"Professor Geller was a nice guy, but had the weirdest outbursts. One day he asked us to change the desks around and kept screaming 'PIVOT!'. That was pretty weird, not to mention that he boosted up a kids grade because 'he was in love with him'. I loved him too, where was my grade?"

But the biggest complaint Professor Geller received was for his policy during semester breaks.

"He gave me 4 zero's for missing assignments I didn't show up for but WE WERE ON A BREAK."

"Everything was going great until I had some questions over spring break about our end of the year project. Then when I asked him about it when we got back, he went on this rant and kept yelling 'WE WERE ON A BREAK.'"

"Don't punish me for forgetting to write an essay over the Christmas vacation, because we were on a break."

Hmmm, sounds like he should really sort out what his expectations are while people are on breaks.