People Were Very Concerned About Lincoln During Trump's Inaugural Concert

"I think the Abraham Lincoln statue just got up and walked away."

On Thursday, Trump's inaugural concert featured an interesting lineup. The night included DJ Ravidrums, Sam Moore, Lee Greenwood, 3 Doors Down, and of course the incoming POTUS and FLOTUS were there.

But a guest who was in attendance — involuntarily — the entire evening was Abraham Lincoln. He watched silently in his chair in the background.

A lot of people were thinking about Abe. They couldn't quite compute the reality that 3 Doors Down (albeit a great band) was performing in front of the historic Lincoln Memorial.

Poor Abraham Lincoln statue has to suffer through 3 doors down 🙉 #TrumpInauguration

Some started imagining how Lincoln would have reacted.

I think the Abraham Lincoln statue just got up and walked away. #TrumpInauguration

How great would it be if the Lincoln statue got up and left. #Inauguration

And joked about being almost able to see it in Lincoln's marble eyes.

Check out Lincoln's eyes.

I swear to God Lincoln looks horrified.

the image of abraham lincoln gazing down upon 3 doors down will forever be etched upon my cold dead heart

People felt the compelled to apologize to the 16th president.

Feeling sorry for Lincoln having to watch this concert.

Sorry Lincoln memorial you deserve better.

I am so embarrassed on behalf of Lincoln

There were, um, some very...edgy jokes strewn in there.

The Trump Inaugural Concert is the 2nd worst piece of theater Lincoln has had to sit through.

But mostly, people felt for — and also felt through the literally cold, rock heart of — Abe.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yup, that's me, Abraham Lincoln. You're probably wondering how we all ended up h…