People Are Relating Hard To A Student Who Opened Her Book To Study For 0.5 Seconds

Harpreet is ♫ point five seconds from wildin'. ♫

It's final exam season for a lot of students around the world right now, but no one has captured the struggle quite as genuinely and perfectly as 17-year-old Harpreet Nijjar.

The high school student from the Midlands in England was in study hall goofing around when her good friend Jes Dhadli started filming her. But when Nijjar tried to get serious about studying for her biology exam, it took a fraction of a second for her to be "over it," she told BuzzFeed News.

"I was studying (trying to anyway) for my biology A-level mock exam I had the next day," Nijjar explained.

Dhadli, 16, caught her friend slamming the book closed in what she calculated to be exactly "0.5 seconds."

"It was just funny," Dhadli said.

"I was just so done," Nijjar recalled, laughing. "I closed the book — I'm totally over it."

After Dhadli posted the reaction online, over 14,000 people shared it. The comments were flooded with other students laughing, mostly about how real and relatable it was to them.

Dhadli said she uploaded the short video "as a joke," but when she woke up the next morning, she had thousands of retweets. "I was very confused," she said.

Dhadli quickly realized a lot of other people were going through final exams as well and they saw themselves in Nijjar. "Everyone's bored of working so hard," she added.

As for Nijjar, she told BuzzFeed News she took her biology test but never opened the textbook again and, most importantly, never looked back. "I don't want to think about that anymore," she said.

And that's exactly how finals week works.

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