Phoebe Bridgers Smashed Her Guitar During Her "SNL" Performance And It Was Awesome

Despite one critic who thought it was "extra," people are rallying behind the musician because it was, in fact, very awesome.

Phoebe Bridgers was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. At the end of her performance of "I Know the End," she smashed her guitar. And it was beautiful and cathartic.

Bridgers' salute to ~rock 'n' roll~ instantly became a meme. First, because her guitar put up a good fight trying not to get smashed.

Phoebe Bridgers trying to break her guitar on SNL

Twitter: @deaddilf69
Twitter: @skellysuit

And then, and mostly, because people were cheering her on. And feeling as if they needed to watch her smash that guitar for their own healing.

me watching phoebe bridgers destroy her guitar #SNL

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

no thoughts just phoebe bridgers smashing her guitar on snl

Twitter: @skellysuit

Phoebe bridgers breaking her guitar on stage made me feel some things 😰

Twitter: @orianna_b

phoebe bridgers tonight ❤️

Twitter: @aIIison__

The performance did cause some friction online after one person openly questioned why Bridgers would break her guitar onstage. "I mean, I didn't care much for the song either, but that seemed extra," user BrooklynDad_Defiant! said.

People on Twitter responded swiftly and came to Bridgers' defense. Many people pointed out that the guitar smash has been venerated as a rock 'n' roll tradition for decades — when male musicians do it, anyway.

Dudes have gotten very unsure of how to rock

Twitter: @miccoslays

so if a man destroys a guitar on stage he's a great rockstar, but if a woman does the same thing she's extra. interesting

Twitter: @P1TCHF0RKRED

One person simply responded, "cause its fuckin cool!!!!!"

cause its fuckin cool!!!!!!!

Twitter: @TheRealBenCorp

And the verdict stands: It is fucking cool. Thank you, Phoebe, for smashing that guitar.

Phoebe Bridgers with some big guitar smashing screaming pandemic energy. #snl

Twitter: @curlybecs

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