People On Tumblr Are Obsessed With This Guy Who Gets Coffee On Movie Sets

Meet Carlos Benavides, the real MVP.

A Tumblr thread that's been going on for two years now has kicked back up recently with new discoveries about a very important — arguably one of the most important — person in Hollywood.

Basically, someone screenshotted the rolling credits of Frozen to reveal that a man named Carlos Benavides was credited with "Caffeination" for the movie.

And very quickly a star was born. A fanbase was formed.

People quickly found that he was also a professional "caffeinator" on other major film productions.

And that Disney once gave him a shout out on Instagram.

The comments are now flooded with fans cheering him on for his coffee-getting abilities.

On Tumblr, people are taking photos of the movie credits on their screens and giving Benavides even more props.

They're so proud of him.

And/or envious of his job.

Benavides' IMDb page has an impressive roster of names and gigs, with Zootopia being his latest caffeination job he's had.

But it also revealed that Benavides is not a full-time "Caffeinator," but a technician who moonlights as a coffee guy.

Still, it seems people are far more impressed by his work in caffeination.

Carlos Benavides: Because not all heroes wear capes.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Disney and Carlos Benavides to learn more about this living legend.

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