People Are Demanding YouTube Remove A Video In Which A Pregnant Woman Pulls A "Miscarriage Prank" On Her Partner

YouTube has not responded to repeated inquiries from BuzzFeed News about removing the content. It has, however, recently announced it has age-restricted it.

A video titled “I HAD A MISCARRIAGE PRANK (EMOTIONAL)” posted to YouTube by a young couple is being aggressively flagged by community users. People are now demanding the company pull the video from the platform altogether.

The video, posted in late August by the account “Team VZ,” features a pregnant woman faking a miscarriage scene in her bathroom in an effort to “prank” her partner, who’s presumptuously the father.

Their account has roughly 280,000 subscribers. It wasn’t until screenshots of the video started going viral on Twitter last week that it started gaining attention (and serious concerns) from a mass audience. The video now has nearly 700,000 views, and comments have been disabled.

“This is too far, people really suffer from miscarriages and they’re playing around,” someone tweeted in response.

“Wow miscarriages are nothing to joke about. That’s messed up, didn’t even know about them till now,” another user wrote.

In the video, Vanessa, one of the account’s owners, sets up the disturbing and graphic “prank” by placing fake blood in a toilet, and smearing fake blood around her genital area.

“I know this prank is really intense and crazy, but I literally don’t know what else to do,” she said at the top of the clip.

She explains she’s attempting to retaliate for a prank her boyfriend had previously pulled on her, and says she is actually pregnant.

Despite saying she’s “scared” about what she’s going to do, she urges viewers to up-vote the video.

“I don’t know how he’s going to take it but...give it a big thumbs up,” she says.

Vanessa proceeds to squat over the toilet and waits for her partner, who goes by Zavi, to discover the fake “miscarriage” scene.

“What is wrong with you? What’s on your hands? Did you start your period? Can you have your period while pregnant?” a worried Zavi rushes into the bathroom, probing Vanessa.

Zavi rushes to grab his phone and announces he’s going to call the doctor.

Zavi says he’s calling an Uber to take her to the doctor.

As he’s on the phone, Vanessa emerges from the bathroom to tell Zavi, “it’s a prank.”

“What?!” he responds, still on the phone.

“Is it too soon?” she says, nervously chuckling.

“That is not something you play about, bro,” says Zavi. “Now if you know if something were to actually happen, I’d be mad as hell.”

“I’m sorry,” Vanessa responds, laughing. “But you did worse.”

“You don’t play like that. That’s our kid,” he says, before leaving their apartment.

Vanessa turns the camera back on herself to conclude with another monologue:

“I think it’s safe to say it’s a success,” she says to the camera. “If this was a good prank...I need y’all to give this a big thumbs up. Let’s get this video to, like, 10K. If you think I should keep going, like, the extreme pranks.”

People who have watched the video are distressed, to say the least, and want YouTube to take action.

“I know YouTube isn’t leaving that shit up there?!?” someone tweeted.

“I can’t believe that miscarriage prank video is still on YouTube,” someone else wrote Friday.

YouTube did not respond to repeated attempts made by BuzzFeed News for comment.

YouTube did not respond to inquiries asking if they will remove the content, and/or suspend Team VZ’s account.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Team VZ for comment.

On Friday, the YouTube couple seemingly acknowledged the backlash in a tweet. “Everyone that comments hate be the main ones MAD ASF when ppl don’t read their comments or DMs,” they wrote.

On Tuesday, one of YouTube’s official Twitter accounts finally responded to one of the viral threads about the video, saying it has removed the thumbnail and has “age restricted” the content.

“Update on this—we did remove this custom thumbnail and age restricted the video. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention,” the account tweeted.

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