This Local Police Department Cracked A Very Dad Joke And It Needs To Be Reported To The Police

9-1-1, what's your emergency? Hi, yes, these fathers who run police social media accounts have run rampant.

The Gilbert Police Department prides itself in serving and protecting the good people of Gilbert, Arizona.

On Thursday, officers issued this warning to parents, as back-to-school season is just around the riverbend. "If your kid tells you they need any of these items for chemistry class, they are lying," the department tweeted, along with photos of pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia.

If your kid tells you they need any of these items for chemistry class, they are lying #BackToSchoolShopping…

The department's tweet has gone massively viral, and now parents everywhere are more informed and well-warned of their kids' up-to-no-good antics.

@swatttts @GilbertPolice @madsszn @eledaeisac Mom I need these papers to write notes on

@Bloqueee @swatttts @GilbertPolice @madsszn @eledaeisac No mom dabs mean ink that's why I need this pen, to write n…

Kids are kind of pissed their covers were blown.

aint nobody like a snitch

Way to ruin my show and tell

damn they figured us out

And they offered additional advice. "Or: buy them for your kids so they can be cool."

@GilbertPolice Or: buy them for your kids, so they can be cool.

Totally legit and verified chemistry teachers are pledging that they do, in fact, require students to buy all of for class.

@GilbertPolice I'm the official high school chemistry teacher of America and I require every student to possess these items

@GilbertPolice @brutapologist AP Chem teacher here. This is actually false info and I will be failing any student w…

Science is cool, and it's time adults finally realize.

@GilbertPolice What do you think of my chemistry set?

In all seriousness, though, Sgt. Derrell Krueger of the Gilbert Police Department confirmed to BuzzFeed News this was a total joke and "tongue-in-cheek" tweet. There have been no incidents of kids trying to trick their parents into buying them bongs for school — at least that he can recall.

@GilbertPolice If your kid tells you they need any of these items for chemistry class, they are lying…

"Some people took it seriously," Krueger said. "There is a serious problem with drugs and we're not trying to make light of that."

He admitted that these brilliantly lame, painfully dad-like kinds of jokes actually do get a lot of engagement and followers to their social media accounts. "We're trying to get citizens to follow us so that they can get emergency alerts down the road," Krueger added.


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