This Teen's Grandpa Filled Three Notebooks With Their Memories And Everyone's Sobbing

"I saw my whole family was crying and I realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime gift," she told BuzzFeed News.

Lauren Blank, who prefers to go by "Ren," is from Keller, Texas, and just turned 16 this week. For her birthday, she was given a gift by her grandfather that I can only describe as the cutest shit I've ever seen — and no hyperbole either.

Ren Blank

Blank told BuzzFeed News she has more than a special relationship with her grandpa, who has helped raise her from a young age.

"He has been there for me and has been one of the most influential people in my life," she said.

On Wednesday, Blank's grandpa decided to finally gift her something for her birthday that he's been working on, and saving, all these years.

Ren Blank

On the morning of her birthday, Blank's grandpa called her mom to ask if it was the appropriate time to give it her.

"He said, 'Do you want me to give it to her for her 16th birthday or wait until after I pass away?' and she said, 'Give it to her now so she can share it with you,'" Blank said.

Ren's grandfather had kept journals from when she was 2 until she turned 5, documenting every mundane and spectacular memory they shared together. "The notebook is just filled with daily things that we did," Blank said. "We went to the zoo a lot, and flew kites, and throughout the notebooks he gave me advice."

Ren Blank

"He waited so long to give it to me because he just wanted me to understand and appreciate the moments that we had together when I was little," she explained.

Blank said she was confused at first by what the notebooks were, but as she read the stories and entries, she became overwhelmed. Her entire family then began to cry.

Ren Blank

"I was completely in shock and couldn't even cry at first," Blank said.

"Then I saw my whole family was crying and I realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime gift."

In one of the stories she shared with BuzzFeed News, her grandpa wrote about making her laugh by dancing "like an uncoordinated fat ballerina" and playing dress-up.

"One of your favorite things is for me to push the button on your clock and do my silly dance. When I say 'Lauren do it,' you sit in your bed and say 'papa' and I keep dancing, falling, running into the wall, turning around like an uncoordinated fat ballerina, and you keep laughing."

"I was completely in shock and couldn't even cry at first," she said initially, thumbing through the notebooks filled to the brim with writing.

Ren Blank

Her grandfather's gesture has gone hugely viral on Twitter, with more than 144,000 retweets currently.

People were totally touched, and many said the gesture brought them to tears.

Ugly-crying tears.

I would read this and cry every night

Man I'd literally cry for years if I got something like this

People were overcome by emotion at how genuinely and simply thoughtful the gift was.

@renblankk this shows you how much he cares remember everything because once you see him again he will be older and might not remember

And it's making people emotional thinking about the memories they share with their own grandfathers.

I'd give anything to somehow relive memories with my grandpa

i'd do anything to have something like this from my grandpa

People are also inspired to do this for their current and future grandchildren. "I've had so much feedback from other kids my age who say they want to get closer to their grandparents," Blank said.

@renblankk @allisonkolosick Imma be the grandpa, thank you for inspiration other grandpa

"Or, it's been a real eye-opener for them to appreciate their grandparents while they are still here."

I'm so doing this with my grandchildren!

"I truly don't think that I will ever have a gift that is greater than this," she added.

Ren Blank