A Woman Has Been Charged With A Felony After Several Racist Remarks Were Spray-Painted Around Oklahoma City

According to an affidavit, Allison Johnson told police her intent was "to scare Jewish people, and people of different races, other than white."

Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office

Charges have been filed against Allison Johnson, 45, after police discovered a string of anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-black, and other types of racist graffiti across Oklahoma City and Norman, Oklahoma, a nearby town.

According to a case report provided to BuzzFeed News by the Norman Police Department, remarks like "Gas the Jews," "Nazi no chink allowed," "Obama nigger Jew," and "Every race but white" were discovered last week vandalized on sidewalks, building windows, on an elementary school, and on the premises of the Cleveland County Democratic Party Headquarters.

Johnson has been charged with one count of an act of terrorism, three counts of racial/ethnic/religious harassment, and one count of malicious injury to property.

The Oklahoma City Police Department confirmed to BuzzFeed News they've also investigated two separate strings of racist graffiti first discovered in late March, including some found at the Chickasaw Nation tribal office, that they believe are tied to this recent case.

Surveillance footage has also been uncovered of a culprit, believed by police to be Johnson, spray-painting swastikas and sayings like "I would be scared because every race will be gassed. Every race but white will die... This WILL happen" over the past four weeks, according to the police report. Authorities also believe she's involved with pro-Trump "Trump 2020" vandalism around the area.

On Thursday, Johnson turned herself in to police and allegedly told officers that her intention with her messages was "to scare Jewish people, and people of different races, other than white," said an affidavit provided to BuzzFeed News.

"Allison spoke at length about her racist beliefs and her efforts [to] 'wake people up,'" the affidavit concluded.