People Are Impressed With This Guy's Save After He Accidentally Texted His Mom While High

Game, set, "You tryna match?"

People are impressed with a guy who quickly and creatively finessed his way out of trouble when he texted his mom by accident while he was high.

Twitter user @GHOST___13, who chose not to use his real name, told BuzzFeed News he was trying to message his friend about matching weed when he realized he sent the text to his mom.

He said he instantly "freaked out" but then sent some follow-up texts to try to cover it up. He texted his mom "Or wear the same colors" to make it seem like he was talking about matching outfits. His mom responded that she "didn't plan on" coordinating outfits with him on Sunday. Lmao.

After he shared the exchange on social media, people are applauding him for the skillful quick thinking.

@GHOST___13 @Kostamaritsis played that shit off too good hahaha

The save was some professional PR-level stuff.

He told BuzzFeed News "the save just came kinda naturally" for him.

And that "when he was back to normal" and read the texts back, he laughed at it too.

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