Mexico City Installed "Penis Seats" On A Subway So Men Can Be More Aware Of Sexual Violence

Mexico City has installed a special temporary subway seat for men to better understand the "sexual violence that women suffer on their daily journeys." But it's incited mixed reactions.

UN Women and Mexico City officials have installed temporary "penis seats" on a subway car in an effort to bring more awareness to men of the sexual harassment women often face on public transportation.

The seat has a protruding mold of a man's torso and penis, and includes a sign that reads "exclusively for men." It was designed with the intent for men to feel "discomfort" while sitting on them.

A sign underneath the seat reads: "It is uncomfortable to sit here, but that is nothing compared to the sexual violence that women suffer on their daily journeys."

"What we were looking for was to generate empathy from men, based on what women live with daily in the public transport,” Ana Güezmes, a representative at UN Women, told BuzzFeed Mexico.

She explained the purpose of the project is to deliver “the message to all men who violate and control women, or consider that saying inappropriate things to women is part of their manhood.

"That is not masculinity, we must change that," Güezmes added.

The project is part of their "Safe Cities and Public Spaces for Women and Girls" initiative, an ongoing program in 25 cities around the world.

While this is only one part of the campaign, there's already been a lot of discussion online from people around the world. Some felt strongly that this is was a "necessary" project to combat a pervasive issue.

this is so necessary. SPECIALLY in Mexico City cus riding the train there is scary

Think what this campaign stands for is 💯% right. #Respect one another 1 sexual harassment is not right!…


People are praising Mexico City for it, and are calling to bring this to their local public transportation systems as well.

Mexico City, you rule. #noesdehombres

Fantastic. We need a "penis seat" on Delhi metro trains too! @UN_Women #sexualharassment #publictransport #mexico

But others aren't taking it as seriously or don't think it will be all that effective.

Sexual harassment is no joke, but I think think this is putting it in the funny category, actually ridiculous.

This is just honestly really gross.

Useless and ugly

"This is TOTALLY going to end sexual harassment," one person mocked.

This is TOTALLY going to end sexual harassment.

"Apparently being sexually harassed on a train is the same as sitting straight on a dick."

@5_News Apparently being sexually harassed on a train is the same as sitting straight on a dick🤔

But one thing we can maybe all agree on right now is that the subway man-mold is probably taking up more legroom.

Of course it's manspreading.


Watch the entire filmed experiment below.

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