Lululemon Tried To Inspire People To Do More "Happy" Things And It Backfired

"Spending $15 on leggings at TJ Maxx."

In an attempt to engage with and inspire people online, the athleisure brand Lululemon tweeted this week: "What makes you happy? Do more of that."

At first, its committed customers responded in full earnest and support.

@lululemon Climbing in lululemon, of course! What could be more comfortable? 😀

What makes you happy? "Happiness," according to one person.

Lululemon loved it. A celebration circle of happy customers and happy products. Branding 101.

@EmilyDee81 The best for all your sweaty pursuits.

But then, folks started to get a little more honest. "Buying clothes from Lulu makes me happy but seeing the price makes me and my bank account cry," someone responded.

@lululemon Buying clothes from Lulu makes me happy but seeing the price makes me and my bank account cry

To appease this customer's quandary, the company asked if their heart or their bank account "won." The customer replied, "Definitely my bank account."

People are now using the "what makes you happy" tweet to vent about how overpriced they believe the company's leggings, among its other pieces of athletic gear, are.

@lululemon lulu when i can afford it, which is never

running shorts that aren't $58 (:

your clothing makes me happy, if only i didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to make me happy

And throwing their "do more of that" inspiration back at them.

Leggings that aren't $100. Do more of that

Clothes that don't take all my paycheck. Do more of that.

Your stuff being severely do more of that

Pretty soon, they were just straight-up trolling.

@lululemon @RagerRachael If you insist

@lululemon Disappointing Olivia on her birthday

And sarcastically pointing out that not all things or habits that bring you happiness are ones you should be encouraged to "do more of."

I can't stay sleeping 24/7, I need money Rebecca

blaming this tweet on my future alcoholism

I already masturbate daily, I might hurt myself if I do too much of that 👀

So eat more chicken wings?

"Spending $15 on leggings at TJ Maxx instead of $100." Wow. Happiness. Inspo. Zen. Namaste.

Spending $15 on leggings at tjmaxx instead of $100😜🙃

BuzzFeed News has contacted Lululemon for comment.

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