People Are Seriously Concerned About Whether President Trump Knows Who Frederick Douglass Is

"I need someone to ask Trump if Frederick Douglass is alive or dead."

President Trump held a listening session on Wednesday to honor Black History Month. He gave shoutouts to notable black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

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"Well, this is Black History Month, so this is our little breakfast, our little get-together," Trump began his speech. "During this month, we honor the tremendous history of the African-Americans throughout our country."

Trump then went on to explain that it was his Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary, Ben Carson, who introduced him to a new world of "incredible people" in America.

"I'd go around with Ben to a lot of places that I wasn't so familiar with," he said. "They're incredible people."

(If you want to read through the rest of his speech, here you go.)

But it was his remarks about abolitionist Frederick Douglass that gave people pause. "Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job that is being recognized more and more," Trump said.

Frederick Douglass did “an amazing job” and CNN is “fake news,” President Trump says in African-American History Mo…

Trump's comments made people question if the president knows who the influential African-American figure even was.

It appears as though Donald Trump has no idea who Frederick Douglass is.

Trump obviously has no idea who Frederick Douglass was.

RT @davidfrum Trump described Frederick Douglass as "someone who has done a terrific job that is being recognized b…

"You could show Trump a photo of Tyga, tell him it's Frederick Douglass and he wouldn't flinch," joked one person.

you could show trump a photo of tyga, tell him it's frederick douglass and he wouldn't flinch

The remark about Douglass being recognized "more and more" had people wondering if Trump thinks he's still alive.

Working theory: Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive

I'm guessing Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive and doesn't actually know who he was.

So, uh, either Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is alive today or he just thinks we're in the 1800s. . . .

People then started to hilariously imagine who the POTUS imagines Douglass to be — "the first black mailman or something."

But seriously, Trump thinks Frederick Douglass was like the first black mailman or something

There is a 500% chance that Trump thinks Fredrick Douglass is 'that guy who invented the peanut'

Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is the new copywriter at Breitbart.

Trump didn't hear about Frederick Douglass until this morning, and thinks he's a running back.

Actor Jeffrey Wright imagined how Trump would introduce Douglass if he were Rudy Giuliani.

Trump: Fredrick Douglas, 'someone who's done an amazing job.' Fred, u here? Where's Fred? Not here? Well he's done…

Needless to say, a lot of folks are concerned, and would like to get official confirmation that their president knows who Frederick Douglass is.

I really need to know whether Donald Trump thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive.

I need someone to ask Trump if Frederick Douglass is alive or dead.