This Mom Brilliantly Trolled Her Husband With "Jeopardy" And Kept It A Secret For 30 Years

We stan Sue.

Here is Grace Arnpriester, 21, and her family from Phoenix. She's recently made her mom, Sue, a Twitter hero after sharing a crafty trick her mom would play on her dad when they'd watch Jeopardy together about 30 years ago.

Grace Arnpriester

Grace was moving to a new apartment last week when her mom casually told her and her brother about a maneuver she'd pull on her dad in the '80s, she told BuzzFeed News. That was back when they had a television with a dial to tune into stations. (Nonmillennials everywhere are eye-rolling at having to describe this.)

"I couldn’t stop laughing," Grace said of her mom's tricks.

So, 30 years ago, when Sue and her husband Jonathan had just gotten married, they'd watch Jeopardy together after work and compete to call out the answers, Sue told BuzzFeed News.

"He always bested me on the history categories. That guy has an incredible memory for names and dates," she said.

"One day I tuned in to a neighboring city's channel in the afternoon and found Jeopardy was on," Sue explained.

When her husband came home later, they gathered on the couch to watch the show, and Sue was surprised to discover it was the same episode.

Sue did not tell her husband. But Sue saw an opportunity.

"I didn't remember all the answers, but enough to quickly call out many more answers than usual," Sue said. "I remember him being pretty impressed, which made me feel kind of guilty about my deception."

Grace Arnpriester

But "not guilty enough to not do it several more times over the next couple of years," she added.

So, she kept it up and kept it secret for years — until the joke got old for her. Besides, they eventually moved and no longer received dual city broadcasts.

Grace, with a little encouragement from her brother, tweeted about it. Sue said she was "worried" Grace's dad would then find out. Unfortunately for her, he did.

@gracearnprie @captainkalvis This is so next level I can't even

Apparently Grace's dad has a Twitter account too, so, naturally, he learned about how he was played 30-some years ago just as everyone else did.

But he was in good spirits about it and found it "hilarious," Grace said.

"He's really a great guy with an incredible sense of humor," Sue added.

People were living for Sue's "power move."


The only acceptable gaslighting

And they dubbed Sue a "genius" for it.

I submit that this absolutely qualifies her as s genius.

Sounds pretty genius to me tbh

Some even began sharing tricks their own moms had played.

My mom used to fill my dad’s Hellmann’s mayo jar with Great Value mayo and watch him brag about how much better it tasted than other brands

"If you know me, this totally explains where I get my ultra-competitive personality from," Grace joked.

She said her mom "saw how much traction [the tweet] had gotten and she was kind of embarrassed," but ultimately appreciated the responses.

"Thanks for the interest in my shenanigans," Sue said.