This Model's Mom Simply And Adorably Does Not Understand Her Son's "Art" On Social Media

Gawwwwwwddddddd, maahhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm.

This is 22-year-old Adekunle Jelugbo and his mom, Mary "Bimbola" Jelugbo, who lives in Corona, California. Adekunle is currently a full-time student at San Jose State University and occasionally models on the side.

Adekunle Jelugbo

Adekunle's friends will often help him style and conceive of a unique concept for a photo or a shoot that he'll then share on Instagram.

Last week, he and a friend captured a photo of Adekunle with his hand shadowed on his face during the "golden hour" of sunlight on campus. He was especially proud of this one, so he texted the photo to his mom.

Mary liked the photo, of course. However, she was confused, and suggested the novel idea of her son taking another photo without the shadow blocking his facial features. "Mom this is art," Adekunle responded.

Adekunle Jelugbo

"Dammit mom," he joked. He told BuzzFeed News that not only did he not get a response — Mary left him on read.

"I think she’d rather see me be less outlandish with my modeling," he added, laughing.

"I couldn't understand the logic behind covering have your face — isn't the face the main focus of the picture?" Mary told BuzzFeed News.

Adekunle said his mom is very supportive of everything he does, but simply does not get everything he does. For one, she doesn't understand the concept of a "crop-top hoodie," he explained.

(TBH I'm with you on this one, Mary. All the cold air will come right up in there! What's the point?! 😋)

Adekunle Jelugbo

" I guess I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to this new age in fashion," Mary added.

But Adekunle said Mary is learning, and slowly picking up on a new era of photos and self-expression on social media. He added, "She’s more understanding than anything, and just wants to see me shine in the best light," — figuratively and literally, we presume.

Adekunle Jelugbo



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