An Influencer Is Defending Her Controversial Instagram Post About Money That Some Are Calling "Privileged"

Alyse Parker wrote that "money is merely a form of energetic exchange."

A "mindset coach" who has more than 210,000 fans on Instagram is trying to control the controversy surrounding a recent post where she claimed "money is merely a form of energetic exchange."

In the post, Alyse Parker wrote that she felt if people merely changed their "mindset" about money, it could improve their financial standing. Now, she is responding to critics who called her post "privileged" and oversimplistic.

"I understand that my perspective on money is triggering to some people who are currently experiencing financial hardship," she told BuzzFeed News. "But the point I want to get across is that keeping a closed mind is only going to keep them there."

The ongoing debate in the comment section of her post began last week.

"Want to improve your money mindset?⁣" she wrote in a long caption for a photo of herself. "STOP making money the bad guy."

"Make money the gooood guy," she stated before listing a number of ways to be "grateful" and "fall in love" with money. The caption ended with Parker advertising her Alignment Accelerator program, a 10-week e-course that she claims helps people "level up" and "feel like your true self," according to her website.

Her message received a mixed bag of reactions. Some praised her, others shared anecdotes about ways they too have changed their mindsets about finances, and a handful of people commented that her mantras are simply not true.

Parker has been deleting most of these critical and angry comments, telling BuzzFeed News that she doesn't believe they come from "a place of constructive criticism."

"I strive to maintain a proactive and positive environment on my page, not just for myself but for everyone who comes to my page for inspiration, growth and a healthy environment," she said.

One of her followers provided screenshots of some of the heated exchanges and threads before they were deleted. In response to one of the callouts, Parker wrote that she's acknowledged her privileges before. However, she also believes that anyone who's calling her out has privilege too because they own a smartphone.

"I don’t believe simply changing your beliefs on money will immediately make you a millionaire," said Parker. "But I have seen time and time again in all aspects of life...a loving relationship, financial abundance, a healthy body...our life reflects what we focus our attention and action on."

Parker told BuzzFeed News she herself had struggled financially and was on food stamps at one point before she had a breakthrough. Then her "financial situation changed for the better."

"I was keeping myself stuck by making money the bad guy, until one day I read a book called You Are A Badass At Making Money," she said. "I was triggered. And then I realized I had the power to change my circumstances."

"First I changed my mindset and beliefs surrounding money. Then, my actions followed. Within time, my financial situation changed for the better."

While Parker said she can understand why people might find her Instagram post "triggering" and "oversimplifying," her intent was to "help others find freedom and abundance."

She named other self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas as inspirations.

"There are so many people out there who have overcome hardship and 'beat the odds' — Tony Robbins. Eric Thomas, etc.," she said. "All I want is to help remind my community that they are capable of growth in all aspects of life — even when there are obstacles, they have the power to overcome them."

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