Noncelebrities Are Participating In The Met Gala Challenge Since The Event Was Postponed, And Their Looks Are Incredible

"[The #MetGalaChallenge] is a really inclusive event so it’s not just for the celebrity fashion icons," one person said.

‘Hello..@ladygaga where is #Chromatica pls?’ 💋 living my best quarantina Met Gaga fantasy 💋 #MetGalaChallenge @voguemagazine @theebillyporter

People stuck at home are creating and re-creating looks from the Met Gala after Vogue postponed the exclusive annual event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because the Met Gala, known as fashion's biggest night out, was supposed to take place on Monday, many instead put on their own red carpet event at home over the weekend. It's called the #MetGalaChallenge, and the looks are iconic in their own ways.

Ashvin Jalabhay, a 24-year-old who lives in London, transformed himself into Lady Gaga, re-creating one of her famous 2019 looks.

Jalabhay told BuzzFeed News the Met Gala is the one televised event he looks forward to every year, so when he saw Vogue and Billy Porter officially call on people to submit their own interpretations, he jumped on it.

"I knew I had to take part and re-create my absolute queen Gaga’s third camp look," he told BuzzFeed News, adding that he even borrowed his mom's bra.

Jalabhay said he had rhinestones in the house from an old art project that he then glued onto his sunglasses.

"It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and feel the entire Met Ball fantasy," he added.

Others who did Gaga went all out and recruited family members — and it's astonishing.

Vlada Ruggiero is a fashion designer, so this challenge "was right up [her] alley," she told BuzzFeed News.

She decided to re-create Blake Lively's 2018 look since she already owned a corset. She then stitched a bedsheet, and it all started coming together.

"I actually immediately knew I could make the headpiece out of spaghetti," she added, laughing. "I think it came out pretty well."

Lively herself thought so, too, when she commented on Ruggiero's interpretation of her on her Instagram. "And your makeup too?!!! Nailed it!" the actor wrote.

Molly Macfarlane, an 18-year-old who also lives in London, decided to go as YouTuber James Charles and "quite literally made it out of trash," she joked.

"The bandeau and mesh fabric are leftover scraps I had from past cosplay works, the bandana was something from my wardrobe and the trousers — which I’m most proud of — were made of trash bags cut up and pinned together," she said.

“what did you do in your quarantine?” nothing much, just remade @jamescharles’ met gala look out of trash 🤩 #metgalachallenge

All of the stay-at-home looks are impressive in their own right.

@voguemagazine @theebillyporter Did an alternative with my beloved NY Met baseball caps for #MetGalaChallenge

Finished my #metgalachallenge with a paper dress based on Gigi Hadid’s Versace look. I’m really pleased with how it turned out considering it’s made ENTIRELY of last Christmas’ leftover wrapping paper, glue, paint, and a pillowcase for the sleeve. 😄

Even celebrities like Mindy Kaling and the Try Guys got in on the challenge.

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My official submission for the #MetGalaChallenge

And, arguably more importantly, some said the online challenge helped make something like the Met Gala more accessible and open to all kinds of fashion lovers.

"I miss seeing all the high-end dresses I'll never afford, but it was really nice feeling like a part of the community and seeing several of my friends join in to make something fun and creative," 28-year-old Olivia, who impressively turned wrapping paper into Gigi Hadid's 2018 Versace gown, told BuzzFeed News.

"[The #MetGalaChallenge] is a really inclusive event so it’s not just for the celebrity fashion icons," Macfarlane added. "Being from London, it’s not like there was any other way I could be at the Met Gala, so this was an awesome opportunity, as well as a chance to see everyone else’s incredibly creative designs.

"More than anything, it gave me something to look forward to doing in these same-y quarantine days."

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