Melania And Ivana Trump Are Having Some "Real Housewives"-Type Drama Right Now

Even "Real Housewives" kingpin Andy Cohen was rendered speechless.

It's Monday, but here is some enriching, delicious Chicken Soup for the Messy Soul: First wife to the POTUS, Ivana Trump, and his current wife, Melania Trump, are publicly feuding over the title of "first lady."

You see, while promoting her forthcoming memoir Raising Trump on Good Morning America, Ivana said she is "basically Trump's first wife" and that therefore she is the first lady.

Ivana Trump says she has Pres. Trump's direct White House number: "I'm basically first Trump wife. I'm first lady."…

Ivana also proudly touted the fact that she has a "direct number to the White House," but said she refrains from calling too often "because Melania is there" and she does not want to "cause any kind of jealousy."

Following so far?

Well, that proclamation did not sit well with Melania, Trump's current wife and sitting first lady. She fired back Monday afternoon with some sharp and deliberate words to Ivana via her communications director, Stephanie Grisham. (We'll highlight the particularly poignant and shady retorts.)

So much diplomatic shade strewn into one very fast response. Ivana's publicist told BuzzFeed News in response to Melania's shade-strewn remarks, Ivana said, "No comment."

In the meantime, people are calling the ~feud~ over who is the ~real~ first lady a literal reality show story line.

Melania Trump's office rips "attention seeking" Ivana Trump in a statement because we live in a reality show now

And giving it all kinds of Real Housewives titles. "Real Housewives of POTUS," one suggested.

@BenjySarlin @jbarro Real Housewives of POTUS? Waiting for Marla's statement - with a Tiffany photo shoot

"Real Housewives [of] DC," another chimed in.

@BenjySarlin Best episode of Real Housewives DC ever

"Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue."

Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Real Housewives of Trumpland."

We are living a shitty reality show-Real Housewives of Trumpland. I can't even say a soap opera because that would…

People are even picking sides and trying to mediate the drama themselves.

ivana would fucking destroy melania in a feud

Technically.... Ivana is First Lady Marla is Second Lady Melania is Third Lady

Some are reveling in the absurdity and pettiness...

While others have deemed this their personal hell.

Of course Melania is feuding with Trump's exes because we're all dead and this is Hell.

Even Andy Cohen, the executive producer of Bravo's Real Housewives franchises, weighed in. "All the wives are fighting. Even I AM SPEECHLESS," he tweeted.

This is actually happening. All the wives are fighting. Even I AM SPEECHLESS

He's officially invited Ivana, Melania, and Marla Maples (Trump's second wife) to join him in a special Housewives Reunion episode to duke it all out.

Only one person can mediate this! @FLOTUS #Ivana @itsmarlamaples @IvankaTrump please call me. Let's do this. #RHOWHReunion

BuzzFeed News has also reached out to Maples — because why the hell not.

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