Teens, Students, Politicians, And Everyday People Around The World Stopped To Watch Christine Blasey Ford Testify

“Working and watching Dr. Ford give her testimony...what she’s doing is enormously difficult and she’s doing it with such grace and poise.”

To say the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh captivated the country is an understatement.

According to photos and tweets shared on social media Thursday, people around the world stopped to watch Christine Blasey Ford, the first of three women who’ve publicly accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, testify.

Women were seen huddled around any television that was airing the hearing.

Women at #nytnewrules watching Dr. Ford testify.

Like, in a bar.

This picture of women in a sports bar watching the #KavanaughHearings should scare the crap out of Republicans. This is going to reverberate. The @GOP didn't just shoot itself in the foot. It put a grenade in its pants pocket and pulled the pin. #MeToo #BelieveSurvivors https://t.co/C7pyW7LqfF

People brazenly watched at work.

Working and watching Dr. Ford give her testimony...what she’s doing is enormously difficult and she’s doing it with such grace and poise. https://t.co/iu4XrgEvjl

In the waiting room of a doctor’s office.

I just got my immunotherapy shot, and I'm watching the #KavanaughHearings in waiting room full of children 🙃.

With each other on the train.

Couple listening to the #KavanaughHearings on the uptown 1 train @wnyc

On Wall Street.

Sound waves from NYSE trading post TVs resound in unison at higher than usual decibel levels as traders watched Christine Blasey Ford testify. Could decipher nearly every word of the hearing anywhere I walked, competing only with ringing phones at times. #KavanaughHearings https://t.co/6UREse8hjW

And even on flights.

Across the world, people are watching the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing, and this includes passengers on airplanes. Here's the view aboard JetBlue flight 415 from New York to San Francisco. https://t.co/tOj6Vy6H5M https://t.co/wQ36J3D263

@CNN Watching on Delta flight 1881 SEA-MSP #IStandWithDrFord

(And waiting at the airport.)

Looks like I’m not the only one in an airport today still finding a way to watch today’s hearings.

People internationally announced they, too, were gripped enough to tune in to the major moment in US history. From Costa Rica...

From Costa Rica 🙋 https://t.co/bE5wls6x4f

...to El Salvador...

Watching from El Salvador and cannot believe I actually get to see on live TV the crumbling of the empire I was raised to admire since childhood. I knew it was declining, but did not imagine it would happen so fast. https://t.co/WmEPfcU5SC

...to South Africa...

@StefanMolyneux Stefan I'm watching from South Africa, and I can't believe what I'm hearing.

...to the UK.

US politicians gathered together to watch in various locations on the Hill.

Collins, btw, is watching live from her hideaway in the Capitol. https://t.co/xc2r4jvf7F

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss is watching the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at City Hall.

.@timkaine @MarkWarner & @GovernorVA — all scheduled to speak at a summit on rural America this morning on Capitol Hill — watching Dr. Ford’s opening statement https://t.co/bggmwIBgJp

People — young and old — appeared to be streaming from their phones, from wherever.

Doing a quick lap to check out what’s going on around the Senate office buildings. In Hart, a lot of people streaming the hearing as they protest. https://t.co/emReWIEsch

In schools around the country, teachers suspended class to air the hearing.

Govt class watching testimony of Dr. Ford. Timely and real world... #NHtribe

Eating Bugles, drinking coffee, and watching the hearing in class... What a way to start my Thursday ☕️ @BaldwinWallace https://t.co/w580yU4hPq

University law students made an event out of it, hosting watch parties on campuses.

A group of students at @RutgersU School of Law in Camden, N.J., gathered on campus to watch today's #KavanaughHearings. Here are some images from @nonorganical during Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony. You can follow full coverage here: https://t.co/PJ1Xe42DNs https://t.co/bgVhEOsGjQ

I’m with Hofstra law school students who are watching the Kavanaugh- Ford hearing in a mock courtroom. We’ll see what the students think when the hearing is completed. #1010wins https://t.co/rfsqgkzSAf

.@JCSUniversity students watching testimony of Christine Blasey Ford on Brett Kavanaugh - they are engaged and will have an assignment concerning this story. @WBTV_News https://t.co/rF1y2AmZlp

And blasting it on any television so students could catch it in between classes.

.@pennlaw intently watching the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as Dr. Blasey Ford testifies re: sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. #KavanaughHearings https://t.co/jdptzWDjEX

.@WMLawSchool students watching Dr. Ford speak between classes

However, during a hearing recess, Megyn Kelly said on an NBC News analysis panel that she thinks “most Americans are not watching this.”

FYI Megyn Kelly said she thinks "most Americans are not watching" the Kavanaugh hearing social media, so far, has proven otherwise https://t.co/UALNObkXdo

“Every person in my office has a live stream going on their computer and other floors are doing the same,” someone tweeted at her.

@megynkelly said "most americans aren't watching this [the hearing]".. I would just like to note that every person in my office has a live stream going on their computer and other floors are doing the same. This is bigger than you think. #KavanaughHearings

Someone is even watching as they’re driving (which, BTW, sir, we strongly don’t advise — but your point is made loud and clear).

@megynkelly says most people aren’t watching the #KavanaughFord hearing right now because they are busy at work or taking care of their kids...I’m literally watching it in a car. @chucktodd @SavannahGuthrie & @LesterHoltNBC are spot on - everyone (who votes) is watching. https://t.co/mzLkQBWsbV

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