A Man Who Gained A Million Followers On TikTok Overnight Has Been Homeless And Filming In His Car

Oneya Johnson of @angryreactions has created a hilarious brand out of screaming positive affirmations, but the gag is a lot more personal than people think.

Oneya Johnson, a 22-year-old who currently lives in and around the Lafayette, Indiana, area, gained over 1 million followers on his TikTok account in a matter of 24 hours.

In late August, Johnson created the account @angryreactions as a running joke and pseudo social media personality where he reacts angrily to other people's content.


#duet with @bobbysrey that cake is beautiful. #fyp #foryou

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His first video instantly went viral. Johnson dueted user @bobbysrey's cake-making video, in which they asked people to not be so viciously critical of her techniques.

Johnson filmed himself watching @bobbysrey's video, angrily shouting things like, "Who's being mean to you?" and "That cake looks good!!!"

His reaction video has now been watched more than 42 million times.

"I honestly couldn’t believe how fast that account blew up — I still can’t believe it," Johnson told BuzzFeed News over the phone. Within one day, his account gained 1.3 million followers.

"That's insane!" he exclaimed.

Even though the video was heavily promoted by TikTok to people's For You page, according to some of his top comments, viewers instantly took to it. The concept was hilarious, interesting, and strangely satisfying.

"I'm scared but... also so comfy," one commenter wrote.

Johnson has since posted numerous other "angry reactions" that have also quickly gone viral. He even posted a video of himself reacting aggressively, but with a lot of gratitude, about becoming an overnight sensation on the app.

"With all the bad things going on in the world right now, I think it’s teaching all of us to appreciate positivity much more," he said about his popularity.

However, the concept for his account has not entirely been for fun.

"I basically took how the world sees me, and how I really am, and just matched it together," he said. "If I passed you on the street and I don’t say a word, I look like the angriest person in the world. But when you actually get to know me, I'm actually a really positive person."

His public internet success also comes as he deals with challenges in his IRL life. Johnson said he's currently homeless, after the landlord of the place he shared with his ex in Michigan evicted him a few months ago. He moved to Lafayette because his brother lives there, and he's since been living out of his car. In fact, he's filmed many of his viral TikToks in his car and in other people's homes.

According to Johnson and his ex, Jillian, neighbors complained on countless occasions and allegedly called the cops for overhearing loud shouting matches. Johnson told BuzzFeed News there were never any charges pressed against him, and that he and his ex are on good terms today. BuzzFeed News contacted Johnson's ex, Jillian, who confirmed these accounts.

"Oneya is big and his voice is bigger than mine, so neighbors could only hear him," Jillian said about why their landlord evicted him. BuzzFeed News also reached out multiple times to the local Michigan police records department for more information.

Jillian, in fact, has since recently moved to Lafayette herself. She said she and Johnson have matured after taking a break and "came to a common ground."

"I’m very proud of him," she said. "When I saw the first video I was dying laughing, and I said to him, 'This suits you so perfectly.'"

"That’s who he really is," she said. "He’s really like that. Everyone has their other side of course. That’s everybody, but he’s a pretty good guy."


@duh_its_kenz1 you’re beautiful 👑

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