Lady Gaga At The Inauguration. That's It — That's The Story.

"I can't believe Joe Biden is being inaugurated at a Lady Gaga concert."

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Lady Gaga's delivery of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was as, if not more, anticipated than the presidential inauguration itself.

And Lady Gaga delivered! (Not that anyone doubted.)

People online noted how beautifully she sang the American national anthem — and how stunning she looked doing it.

Lady Gaga’s performance & outfit tho. That’s how it’s done. 👑

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The singer reportedly wore a Schiaparelli couture dress with a gold dove brooch, which people thought was very Hunger Games.

lady gaga serving some hunger games symbolism is exactly what i needed today

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Her rendition was, expectedly, unique but classic. Singer Charlie Puth tweeted that it sounded like early '90s Whitney Houston.

And Gaga arrangement was giving me Whitney 1991 vibes. What a great day!!!

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted "Gaga > Maga."

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The performance was short but so impactful that people decided the inauguration was a Lady Gaga concert featuring some speeches by some important political figures.

Weirdly a lot of speeches at this gaga concert

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“we did it we did it joe...we made it to the gaga concert”

Twitter: @reggiegotlag

i can’t believe joe biden is being inaugurated at a lady gaga concert


To keep it succinct, Gaga killed it. It may have even briefly united a country — I'm kidding.

But the short performance to introduce incoming president Joe Biden's official swearing-in was historic.

Please welcome to the stage President Lady Gaga and Vice President Jennifer Lopez.

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SHE IS THE MOMENT. #InaugurationDay

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For Gaga stans, today we inaugurated the president of the United States of Chromatica.

The President of United States of Chromatica: Lady Gaga

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