People Are Hilariously Sharing Things That Were Longer Than Scaramucci’s Term At The White House

"I've had sunburns that have lasted longer than Scaramucci. They were less painful to deal with too."

The newest-now-suddenly-turned-former White House communications director Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci has officially been ousted after just 10 days on the job. The news was met with a lot of screaming, cackling, and downright shock from folks online.

People were having a hard time grasping just how brief Scaramucci's career as communications director was...until some offered to put it in context.

Here were all the things that people claimed had a longer life than The Mooch's tenure.

A kernel of popcorn stuck in one's teeth.

RT if you've had a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth longer than Mooch in the WH.

T-shirts that have gone without washing.

I’ve worn T-shirts without washing longer than Mooch was comms director.

Tinder hookups.

I've had Tinder hook-ups that lasted longer than the Mooch

Instant replay reviews in sports.

We've had instant replay reviews longer than The Mooch's tenure.

Kim Kardashian West's marriage to Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries was 7x longer than Anthony Scaramucci's tenure in the White House.

(The infamous celebrity marriage lasted seven times longer, in fact.)

@Reuters Kim K was married to Kris Humphries 7 times longer than @Scaramucci was Communications Director. #Mooch #Trump

Sunburns (that, according to this person, were less painful).

I've had sunburns that have lasted longer than #Scaramucci. They were less painful to deal with too. #Mooch

Menstrual cycles.

my period has lasted longer than @Scaramucci as communications director


I think I have milk in my fridge that's lasted longer than Anthony Scaramucci.

Leftovers, that this person has then apparently ingested.

I've eaten leftovers that lasted longer than Scaramucci's WH Communications Director stint.

The ~historic~ Phish concert series at Madison Square Garden.

The Phish run at MSG lasted longer than Anthony Scaramucci

And every single Phish song.

no joke, a typical version of chalkdust torture by phish lasts longer than mooch as comms director.

Game Of Thrones characters.

I've seen Game of Thrones characters last longer than The Mooch.

Ed Sheeran's characters arc on Game Of Thrones.

Ed Sheeran had a longer arc on #GameOfThrones than Anthony Scaramucci had as White House communications director.

Being on hold with customer service.

I've been on hold with Comcast longer than the #Mooch worked for #Trump.

Some BBQ recipes.

There are barbecue recipes that take longer than Mooch's White House tenure.

Pregnancy scares.

I've had pregnancy scares that lasted longer than the Mooch

The United States' ninth president, who only served for one month (aka, a term of "three Scaramuccis").

President William Henry Harrison's time in office can now be measured as "Three Scaramuccis."

This person's son's cold.

My son's cold lasted longer than #Scaramucci

This person, who said she fell asleep in the stockroom of her job while high on Vicodin.

When I was 18 I passed out in the stock room of my job while high on Vicodin and I kept my job longer than Mooch

This person, who said he worked as a door-to-door canvasser and had been called racial slurs on the job.

I worked as a canvasser for Environment California knocking on doors and being called the N word longer than the mooch had this job.

And zits.

I've had zits that lasted longer than Scaramucci. I didn't miss them when they were gone either.

RIP The Mooch, and every potential Saturday Night Live sketch, forever.

RIP Anthony Scaramucci: July 2017 - July 2017

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