These Kids Train For Intense, High Speed Double-Dutch Competitions And You Could Never

BuzzFeed News followed three young, but fierce, teams as they rigorously trained for the national double dutch competition this summer.

This summer, Lincoln Center Out of Doors in NYC hosted the Double Dutch Summer Classic National Competition, a highly athletic and entertaining showcase of the most talented and speedy double-dutchers in the country.

In the days leading up to the competition, BuzzFeed News followed kids between the ages of 4 and 18 as they prepared and trained for their routines.

Judges base scores off of three main criteria: "Compulsory," "Freestyle & Fusion," and "Speed."

It's the main sport and source of exercise for many of these young competitors — and it's INTENSE. Teams are training for months in preparation.

You and I could never. Never.

You can watch the entire BuzzFeed News video for more information, insane double-dutching, and to find out how these teams placed on the day of the competition.

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