This Teen's Dad Kept A Fart Secret For Her Mom For 25 Years, And Honestly, That's Love

And still a better love story than Twilight.

This is 19-year-old Kate Venezia, who's currently attending the University of Louisville. Her parents, who will celebrate their 25th anniversary in May, also live in Louisville.

Venezia told BuzzFeed News that while having lunch with her family a few days ago, her mom decided to share a little story from her college days. Apparently, one night at a frat party, her mom let out a noticeable fart, and a fraternity brother took the blame for it. That guy ended up being Venezia's dad. And he's been holding that secret for 25 years.

And, apparently, so did a lot of people. After she shared it on Twitter (even though her little sister thought the story was "stupid," she said), people have actually been quite moved by it. Her tweet has been retweeted nearly 40,000 times.

My mom admitted she farted at a frat party once and a guy took the blame and kept it a secret for 25+yrs That guy's my dad. Go dad. Lmao

Venezia said "it was really shocking" to see how many people have found and shared it.

Some are calling it a modern love story, and Venezia's dad a modern Prince Charming.

@babyg98_ @kvene627 @aintchunafki love story

@kvene627 @jbanj True love knows no fart.

@AlyssaLaurin @kvene627 not all hero's wear capes

As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, it's also giving others hope.

@im_SoRad @kvene627 @ridinwifdatnina so this is how I'm going to meet my husband

And, for current relationships, it's set a new bar.

People are getting really existential about it, and saying Venezia wouldn't be here today had her mom not let out that fart.

@kvene627 just think you might not be alive had your mom not farted at a frat party

But she wants to make it known to people that her parents had already been dating at the time of the farting incident.

(Although the gesture by her dad probably did reinforce their loving bond and commitment to start a family — just saying.)

However, some folks hilariously are also upset with her for ruining a quarter-of-a-century-long secret.


@kvene627 @woodsdotbreyona all for nothing cuz secrets on blast now

But Venezia reassures us that her parents' relationship is rock-solid. Her mom's only concern at the moment is not that the secret is out, but that "all these people know about her farting," her daughter said.

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