People Are Inspired By The Fact That Kanye Has A Crying Kim Emoji In His Car

Many have described the gesture as "true love."

Over the weekend, paparazzi snapped just about 3 zillion photos of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West leaving Jay Z and Beyoncé's home in Los Angeles.

However, the photos captured something even more important. One of the pics shows Kanye stepping into his car with what looks to be a "Kimoji" air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror.

Yes, the iconic Kim ugly-cry face that was turned into an emoji for her app.

People immediately took notice. And quite frankly couldn't quite process it.

Kanye's car air freshener is a kimoji of Kim K crying 😂😂😂

My favourite image of 2017 so far. I'll keep updating this thread. Kanye x Crying Kimoji Air Freshener January…

Dead at that kimoji air freshener 💀😂

A tweet that's now gone viral said the gesture was "true love."

It's not love until your face is on an air freshener in their car

Many have set this as their new standard for relationships.

If I ever have an actual serious relationship again I'm buying an air freshener that is my face for my man like Kanye has of Kim.

The fact that Kanye West has an air freshener of Kim's crying face in his car has just raised my standards for guys

Someone was even inspired enough to DIY one for her significant other.

made a cute air freshener for my bf 😍👌🏻😊

May you live every day knowing this fact. That's all. Thank you.

Kanye's air freshener in his car is Kim's crying face and I've never felt more joy

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