People Were Here For This CNN Anchor's "Come The Fuck On" Face During This Epic Interview

It's also being referred to as the "come the fuck on," "this is some bullshit," and "I'm fed the fuck up" face.

CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday. He confronted Trump's senior advisor on the recent string of misinformation and ongoing attacks on the media coming from the administration.

The interview was more of a back-and-forth conversation. Tapper was deliberate in his questioning, and offered some memorable lines. For example, on Trump's lack-of-response to the deadly Quebec City mosque shooting:

"Are these victims any less dead than the ones killed by Islamic radical terrorists?" - @jaketapper to…

And on the fabricated "Bowling Green Massacre":

'It is very difficult to hear criticisms from a WH that has such little regard for facts, for truth...'@jaketapper

People quickly picked up on Tapper's tone during the interview.

Screenshot of @jaketapper interviewing Kellyanne Conway:

But what was even more noticeable to people, was his quietly miffed, are-you-fucking-kidding-me face as Conway spoke.

the look on jake tapper's face while talking to kellyanne conway...

The expression on Jake Tapper's face for like the last 10 minutes.

It appears a lot of the country could viscerally relate to it. It's been called a "resting bitch face."

Who knew Jake Tapper would be the one to bring us RESISTING BITCH FACE.

A "come the fuck on" face.

Current mood: @jaketapper's "Come the fuck on" face.

A "this is some bullshit" face.

"This is some bullshit." - What Jake Tapper's face said to Kellyanne Conway just now.

And a "I'm fed the fuck up" face.

we are all jake tapper's "i'm fed the fuck up" face

People seem pretty familiar with this expression. It's "the look you give your mom when she brings up stuff from your past," someone said.

The look on Jake Tapper's face is the look you give your mom when she brings up stuff from your past.

Or the one "your dad makes when he knows you're lying."

This is the face your dad makes when he knows your lying!!! Jake Tapper is a funny dude! Kellyanne Conway is makin…

Jake Tapper's face always looks like my dad when he caught me lying about my report card

Or the face you make when you catch someone lying straight to your face.

When somebody is straight up lying to your face @jaketapper #alternativefacts

The look on @jaketapper face every time #KellyAnneConjob says a lie.

So if you catch these looks, you should now understand what you've done.

If Jake Tapper ever looks at you the way he looks at Kellyanne Conway, just change whatever you are saying.

Side note If I tweet this pic of @JakeTapper at you I expect you just to know that I'm disappointed and that you ar…

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