It's Confirmed, You Guys: Justin Trudeau Has Actually Never Met Drake

...yet. "But I'm a fan," he told BuzzFeed News.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down Monday with BuzzFeed News to discuss a series of pressing issues: national security, Keystone, a proposed carbon tax...

BuzzFeed News

...and, most pressingly, about fellow Canadian citizen and world leader (of chart-topping bangers) Aubrey Graham, aka Drake.

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When asked if he and Drake talk regularly, Trudeau admitted that they've actually never met. "But I'm a fan," he said.

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"Actually I don't know if I've ever met the guy," Trudeau said, chuckling at the question.

"But I'm a fan," he added. "He does a really good job of what he does, or so my kids say, and I do a decent job of what I'm doing."

The prime minister also said he believes that between the two of them, Drake is the better dancer. "But that's such a low bar," he joked.

Trudeau could not confirm if the rapper and Rihanna are officially dating.

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"I think if BuzzFeed doesn’t know the answer to that question, you guys have bigger problems," he said.

Trudat, Trudeau.

Also, it's not too late for a JT–Drizzy meeting (hey, President Obama met Kendrick Lamar, after all).