A Man Is Being Forced To Account For Throwing Away Food As A Joke

Sam Arends, who was shamed for throwing an untouched In-N-Out order in the trash, bought another order to give to a man who is homeless.

A man who tweeted about throwing an In-N-Out order in the trash said he felt pressured to respond to the tweet's backlash.

Sam Arends, a 27-year-old from Kansas City, Missouri, who recently moved to Florida, joked last week about "How to eat In N Out Burger" by filming himself throwing an untouched order in the trash. (It's a common joke format on Twitter.)

However, Arends' tweet was met with a barrage of angry responses.

"How to waste food and money," someone tweeted back.

Other people were upset that he purchased a full meal and disposed of it — all for some retweets and likes. Many of the responses to his tweet have received more retweets and likes than the joke itself did.

There are 22 million people starving in Yemen and this is what you're doing, smh https://t.co/4ns3C7r1yy

A few days later, Arends filmed himself buying another In-N-Out order — this time, however, he gave it to a person who is apparently homeless.

He told BuzzFeed News he did it "to prove [he] wasn't a piece of shit."

"I didn't expect the tweet to blow up like it did, otherwise I probably would have never made the tweet," he said. "The tweet was made as a joke between me and a few buddies that always argue about our fast food burger preference."

He added that he's not too bothered by those who are calling him "garbage," a "brat," and "pathetic" for his wasteful joke.

"All the negative reactions and comments don't bother me. I actually think it's comical," Arends said. "I've got pretty thick skin."

Unfortunately for him, the internet is relentless. And people were not satisfied.

"Nah you still wasted a fucking meal you idiot," someone replied.

"Cool, you bought another one and gave it to a homeless person. But you coulda given 2 burgers to 2 homeless people," another commented.

@GamerGooSam that doesn’t really change the fact you wasted the first meal

Others who observed the fallout, and then the fallout to the fallout, are simply tired. In-N-Out pocketed money from Arends twice, and no one's laughing.

Well, perhaps In-N-Out gets the last and only laugh at the joke.

@GamerGooSam *Does something WACKY for likes and rts* *Everyone angery* *Tries to do smthn so everyone isn't angery* *Everyones still angery*

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