People Are Rallying In Support Of A Women’s March Organizer After Right-Wing Attacks

"These despicable attacks on [Linda Sarsour] simply demonstrate that she's got people shook."

Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian-American activist and media commentator. She was also one of the organizers of the Women's March on Washington, which became one of the largest demonstrations in DC's history.

After the march, Sarsour's name has been attached to accusations from conservative blogs that she has deep ties to Hamas, terrorism, and is pushing Sharia law.

The accusations seem to stem from deep-dive searches on Sarsour and her social media accounts.

A group photo pulled from her Facebook account was used as evidence that she has "family ties" to Hamas. The photo shows Sarsour with a man named Salah Sarsour, a board member of American Muslim For Palestine, but the blog The Daily Caller writes "it is unclear if Salah and Linda are related."

The website also claims that Sarsour has "admitted" to have cousins in prison in Israel for working with Hamas, though it notes Sarsour herself has denied any ties to the group.

A tweet from 2011 also was used against the Women's March co-organizer to prove she's "pro Sharia Law." The tweet from Sarsour was a response to another user's tweet that has since been deleted in which she says Sharia Law is "reasonable" once you "read into the details."

Spun from these allegations are claims that she is also an anti-Semite.

Single photos from Sarsour's personal accounts have been used by pro-Trump accounts to legitimize these claims, among others.

Is pro-Sharia 👉🏻Linda Sarsour from the Woman's March promoting the ISIS unity finger sign ?

Now, Women's March participants and friends of Sarsour are not only discrediting the claims as Islamophobia, they've started the hashtag #IMarchWithLinda to show their full and unwavering support for her.

#IMarchWithLinda Here's the truth. @lsarsour is one of the most effective, skilled, passionate organizers in the…

I stand unapologetically with @lsarsour because she is what Democracy looks like, and she is what Makes America Great. #IMarchwithLinda

#IMarchWithLinda because I'm not going to let history repeat itself! #WomansMarch

Many well-known public figures have not only come to her defense, but lauded her as a great leader.

#IMarchWithLinda because she is an inspiration for the kind of leadership this country needs. Compassionate, selfle…

Not this time, trolls. I stand with the incredible and inspiring @lsarsour. In defiance. Indivisible. #IMarchWithLinda

People are saying Sarsour was singled out and attacked for simply being a Muslim woman.

The attacks on @lsarsour - just like attacks on @keithellison are a snippet of what it's like to be Muslim in public life. #IMarchWithLinda

#IMarchWithLinda bc being a proud Palestinian-American Muslim woman who values justice isnt a crime. Y'all racist if you disagree @lsarsour

I'm sending love to @lsarsour today, who is being targeted by right-wing trolls for daring to be a Muslim woman and leader. #IMarchWithLinda

And that it proves that who she is, her activism, and her role in the Women's March has been effective.

These despicable attacks on @lsarsour simply demonstrate that she's got people shook. #IMarchWithLinda

Islamophobes hate her for her bravery and because she's phenomenal. But she always has all of our backs. That's why #IMarchWithLinda

You know u got the world SHOOK when u stand in front of everyone unapologetically Muslim Palestinian American. This is why #IMarchWithLinda

In response to the attacks, the Women's March account said they are "proud" of their co-chair and welcome Sarsour back to organize at anytime.

We are proud to have @lsarsour as our co-chair. We will always have her back. #IMarchWithLinda

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Sarsour for comment.