People Are Trolling Hard After An Article Suggested "Millennials Hate Groceries"

"Yeah, those groceries. Look at them. Sitting there all smug. Boy, I hate groceries."

People — or, ahem, millennials — were generally confused when The Atlantic published an article with the headline "Why Do Millennials Hate Groceries?"

The article pulls a plethora of charts and stats to suggest young people are moving away from grocery spending and toward snacking and eating out. It also, however, notes that the shift is not entirely attributed to millennial habits.

Which had a lot of people then scratching their heads at the headline. Like, then why... "Millennials"?

Y'all just putting "Millennials" into any old title now huh?


Jfc how is this stuff even real

And some people responding, "We...don't?"

This millennial LOVES groceries.

I absolutely love groceries.

…I don't hate groceries. No millennial I know does. Stop it.

And soon, of course, people had jokes. If only to try to make sense of the claims.

MILLENNIALS: Food sucks bitcj!!!!!! OLDER GENERATIONS: No........rethink this

GEN XER [vomiting uncontrollably from Soylent-related food poisoning]:

Yeah, those groceries. Look at them. Sitting there all smug. Boy, I hate groceries.

@TheAtlantic Groceries killed my family.

@TheAtlantic "why aren't millennials buying enough stuff?? do they hate food??"

Things Millennials Ruined: — Groceries — Bar Soap — Diamonds Things Baby Boomers Ruined: — The Economy — The Environment — Democracy

Some people took the opportunity to suggest other reasons why grocery spending has declined.

Millennials don't prefer chips over other groceries. Maybe y'all should discuss food deserts and the always rising price of produce.

y'all hate millennial so much and yet we're a product of all y'all's fuck ups bitch if we hate grocery stores its c…

We do not hate groceries. We hate not having effective methods of transportation to bring said groceries home.

Because we work too much and don't have the money or time to be human?

Also: we don't hate groceries as much as we hate think-pieces about millennials

Until next time, millennials!

@TheEconomist I work at a grocery store

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