It Took This Teen's Parents More Than 9 Months To Realize He Framed A Photo Of Guy Fieri In Their House

Mom is still not quite sure why her son did this. Welcome to 2017, mom.

Parents: If you did not already know, a popular thing that Young People of the World Wide Web like to do is replace your sentimental photos around the house with less-than-sentimental photos.

Let's see how long this goes on until my parents notice

And place bets on how long it will take you to notice. Yes, they are trolling you in your own home.

I placed this next to my parents wedding photo, which is in an odd corner of their house. Wonder how long until the…

In January, 18-year-old Kyle Roberts did the same. He told BuzzFeed News he was inspired after he noticed an empty picture frame sitting on a mantle, so he quietly inserted a photo of Guy Fieri holding a hot dog in it.

How long until my parents notice

"Our house is littered with pictures on shelves and the walls," Roberts said, which may be way an empty frame would go unnoticed.

"I printed out the weirdest picture I could think of, while making sure it wouldn't be too obvious, and at that time it was the picture of Guy Fieri holding the giant hotdog."

He then shared it to Twitter as a meme, with the popular caption, "How long until my parents notice," not thinking anything of it.

But as time went on, Roberts was struck and amused by how unaware his parents were to the photo. After four months, in late May, he updated his followers that his parents "still haven't noticed."

4 months and my parents still haven't noticed

"The office room is used quite often, so I knew that somebody would see the photo eventually," Roberts said. Still, in September, now eight months in, his parents "still have no idea."

Approaching 8 months now. They still have no idea.

But on Monday — nine months and 14 days later — Roberts said he overheard his dad asking his mom about "a picture in the back room.” He asked her if she was the one who framed a photo of Guy Fieri holding a hot dog.

He then updated Twitter and his tweet went massively viral. It's already been reshared more than 94,000 times.

Today marks the end of a tale. They finally noticed. 9 months 14 days.

Mostly because it's inspired a whole new wrath and group of children to attempt the same thing.

I’m going to do this

Ima try this

And inspired more advanced levels of trolling.

@Dark_Decay Time for level 2, hide him in a family photo?

Roberts has since removed the photo of Guy Fieri from the frame. His dad still finds it hilarious. His mom is still confused as ever.

PSA (Parent Service Announcement): I'd probably do a casual sweep around the house. Y'know, just in case.

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