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OMG, Drake Responded To The 6-Year-Old's Birthday And Offered Her Jordans

Drake offered little Leah his sneakers, and now everyone else wants in.

Posted on September 28, 2016, at 12:17 p.m. ET

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News reported on a very impassioned and young Drake fan, Leah Saldivar, who had an all-out Drake-themed birthday party when she turned 6.

Abby Marquez
Abby Marquez

β€œShe loves everything about his music,” her mom said of Leah. β€œShe recently said she wanted to marry Drake when she’s older.”

People have been tagging Drake all day hoping he would see this.

Well, after Complex shared the story on their Instagram just two hours ago, Drake did see it.

...and commented on the Instagram, "OVO 12s for her ASAP."

Twitter: @ComplexMag

For those of you who aren't as hardcore Drizzy fans as Leah, OVO 12s are Drake's unique Air Jordan 12 Retro sneaker design.

They cost, like, $200–300 easy.

Almost immediately, people not only freaked that Drake responded, but got a little grubby.

Fans are now all, "hey man, what about me?" They are asking for a pair of OVO 12s too.


"I had an OVO themed bday party last week wassup," someone said, trying πŸ˜‚.


Abby Marquez, who is friends with Leah's mom and originally tweeted photos of the party, told BuzzFeed News they are thrilled Drake noticed Leah's party.