Logan Paul Fans Have No Idea How To Feel About Logan Paul

"We love you Logan" ... "No we don't." "We forgive you Logan" ... "No we don't."

Over the last few days, YouTuber Logan Paul and his highly controversial suicide video have caused the masses to call for his account to be banned and to pressure YouTube to take responsibility. Parents are also scrambling to try to regulate their children's viewing habits.

However, it's unclear how his staunch and loyal young fans are dealing with the controversy. Paul has addressed them in a series of tweets over the last few days, most recently updating them that he will not be regularly vlogging for the time being.

taking time to reflect no vlog for now see you soon

And judging from the very lengthy, exhaustive replies, the responses have been a mess of a mixed bag.

With very polarizing statements. "You did the right thing logan" ... "He really didn't."

"We love you Logan" ... "No we don't."

Hive-minded fans are actually arguing about how they collectively feel in his Twitter replies. Do we support you?

Should he "just delete" his account? Will everything be OK?

Do we forgive you, Logan?

Who's still in the "Logang"? Does the "Logang" exist anymore?

The discussion is an endless game of Ping-Pong.

People (nonfans) are taking notice and are both alarmed and amused by the "debates."

logan paul’s fans in the middle of a super complicated philosophical debate

The comment section on @LoganPaul 's apology tweet is hilarious #loganpaul #loganpaulisoverparty

In fact, the replies have made people even more aware and weary of the entire YouTube phenomenon.

logan paul's comment section made me decide that my children will not use the internet until they're 24 or maybe i… https://t.co/i4uxhVVK2J

reading the comment section on the logan paul "sorry" video made me realise, we need to burn all the kids.. it's to… https://t.co/rnAf6Fg030

Until then, for the "Logang," the jury is unfortunately still out.

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