Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Had Many Supporters In Literal Tears

"This is a master class in leadership. Of class. Of maturity. Of strength. Of dignity."

After deciding to hold off her speech late last night, Hillary Clinton has finally conceded.

Even before she took the floor, the very thought was a lot for her supporters to bear.

I can't bare to watch Hillary give this speech. 💔

I just can't handle a Hillary concession speech right now. I really can't.

And people quickly noticed her running mate, Tim Kaine, getting teary-eyed as he made his speech.

tim kaine sounds like he's going to cry

Tim Kaine with tears in his eyes is me at work right now

Tim Kaine sounds like he's about to cry, which now has me crying

When Clinton finally began delivering her speech, the floodgates officially opened for many.

Watching Hillary give her concession speech and greet her supporters has me in tears. I'm so sad President Hillary didn't happen.

I'm deadass crying watching Hillary give her speech right now

Hillary was about to cry when she said "This is painful" and I can't watch this😭😭

Especially when she began to address women — young women — in hopes of keeping their spirits high.

Hillary Clinton addressing the little girls around America, telling them they're worthwhile and strong and capable, has me sobbing.

When Hillary said that she was sorry && told little girls to never give up on their dreams

hillary speaking directly to young people straight up has me hysterically sobbing she doesnt deserve this we dont deserve this i want to die

And when, nearing the end of her speech, people caught Bill Clinton mouthing, "That's my girl" to her.


Bill mouthing "That's my girl" as Hillary says "Never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it" has actually killed me.

Amid tears, people were also heartbroken that Clinton opened her concession speech by apologizing for losing.

The first thing Hillary Clinton did was apologize to us. Because she's a woman and that's what we do.

wow, hillary clinton apologizing for not winning this election breaks my heart, like no girl, we are truly the ones who owe you the apology.

But mostly, and almost unanimously among #ImStillWithHer supporters, people were inspired and proud of how well she conducted herself.

This is a master class in leadership. Of class. Of maturity. Of strength. Of dignity.

Thank you, @HillaryClinton. You deserve so much better than this. We all do.

Your strength, intelligence, grace, courage, dignity, class, & supreme badassery knows no bounds. U will always b my hero @HillaryClinton!

You can watch Clinton's entire speech below:


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