This Mom Made "1" Cookies For Her 1-Year-Old's Birthday But They Turned Out...Different

"They're gonna be a hit at the AVN Awards."

On Sunday, a couple named JT and Jen from New Jersey started planning their 11-month-old's birthday, which is coming up on June 17. They decided to follow family tradition and make cookies in the shape of a 1.

Jen told BuzzFeed News it was her only free weekend ahead of her son's birthday, so she had to make the treats a whole month ahead of time and freeze them.

"My husband's birthday is this weekend and my daughter's birthday is next weekend, so I had absolutely no time," she explained.

Jen said she used the "1" from an old set of cookie stencils and spent EIGHT hours in the kitchen making a total of 189 cookies for the party.

The parents are expecting 30–40 people that day, and they figured these would be good party favors.

"We usually put four of them in a bag," Jen said. "My mom did this growing up. I used the same cookie cutters from when I was little."

They'd previously baked a huge batch of "4" cookies — which turned out great — for their older daughter's birthday.

When the "1" cookies were finished, frosted, and cooled, JT said, he walked into the kitchen and started to look at the "1s" sideways. "I don't think they look like 1s," he said. JT thinks they look something else altogether. And he can't unsee it.

"I'm refusing to acknowledge it!" Jen said, defiantly. "I still don't see it."

She said she's spent too much time making them to see anything other than sweet, innocent number 1s for her sweet, innocent soon-to-be 1-year-old baby boy.

But JT couldn't stop snickering about it. He shared the photo of the cookies online (which has since gone viral), and people came strapped (ugh, sorry) with jokes.

@Jaberuski @MoTiioNzx There gonna be a hit at the 'AVN Awards'.

@TheOtherSimo @Jaberuski @Swoop_AA So much for leaving them the "tip"

"Just be glad your son isn't turning 10..."

@earlmaub @Jaberuski Just be glad you son isn't turning "10". Imagine the fun they would with those cookies......

"Yeah those aren't 1s."

Others were a little less subtle.

"ISSA PENIS," they said gleefully.

Everyone reverted to being, well, children about it.

Wifey coming to the party WIT DEM DICKS

@Jaberuski @kiaspeaks I'll eat the hell out those 1's

A lot of folks were confused and concerned about why Jen would prepare them so far in advance, and while she has given her logistical reasons, one person just couldn't help themselves.

@fear_the_56 @Jaberuski @moesdeph Maybe his wife wanted to give them so be time to get hard.

And, yes, the parents do plan on having the cookies at the birthday party. But Jen said she's considering buying "[party] bags that you can't see through," she joked.

"JT wants to use frosting to outline it even better, but after nine hours of work, I have no interest in any more work."

Whatever, guys, they look fine. It's all so vein — I mean vain. SORRY.

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