This Couple Has A "Tradition" Of Getting A Dog Every Anniversary And People Have Mixed Feelings

Some truly believe this should be the new "relationship goal."

This is 22-year-old Neydi Romero and her husband of three years, 25-year-old Carlos Romero. They live in Bedford, Texas, with their three dogs.

They have celebrated every anniversary since their wedding day by getting a new dog. What was once a coincidence has now become a "tradition," Neydi told BuzzFeed News.

"I didn't want the last one," Neydi said about Chewy. But when she saw the conditions of his shelter, she couldn't say no. "He wasn't very safe, so we decided to bring him in."

Neydi said their inclination to raise a household of dogs is rooted in the fact that she was never allowed to have one growing up.

Neydi's sister decided to share this tradition, and their fast-growing family, on Twitter, where it's gotten quite a bit of attention.

My brother in law and sister get a dog every year for their wedding anniversary, they're on their 3rd year

A lot of folks joked about the future of the Romero household.

@vodalic And they lived happily ever after

Many people think this should be the new standard, or ~relationship goal~, for marriage.

@vodalic If my husband isn't up for this I don't want him

@vodalic @gucciihss RELATIONSHIP GOALS

They are tagging significant others or best friends, calling it a "brilliant idea" and hinting at possibly doing the same.

@JohnGilfillan_ @vodalic Is that a proposal x

But Neydi wants to remind these people that dogs are "living things" and not "presents."

@vodalic @joshh_tibbettss this is a brill idea 😊

"A lot of people look at dogs like presents," Neydi said. "Each dog I got, I knew the responsibilities I was getting into. All dogs have a capability of living a long life. I don't think some people — at least some younger people — realize they're living things."

@vodalic @amyfitzzz @SerialThrilla1 we must do this!

The Romeros have gotten their share of criticism as well, especially about how sustainable this tradition can realistically be. Neydi said she's planning on drawing the line at five dogs.

@vodalic This is honestly one of the worst financial decisions I have seen since Real Madrid signed Martin Ødergaard

"We’re going to try to push till our fifth anniversary, and from there we’re going to stop," she said, laughing.

The couple have discussed turning their home into a rescue foundation to foster dogs. "That's our goal," Neydi added.

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