A Guy And His Girl Friend Both Tried Shooting Their Shot With A Guy And What Happened Next Is Very Wholesome

OK, the headline is a bit clickbaity, but stay for a very sweet meet-cute story.

Cody Craig, 23, of Salt Lake City was on the clock when his coworker handed him a note intended for him from two complete strangers on Friday.

One of the individuals was Tanner Forbes, 23, who was playing wingman for his woman friend named Janae, and helped to ask Cody out for her.

“Hey, if you're not gay, my friend thinks you’re cute. Here's her number,” Tanner wrote on a piece of paper for his friend.

It was apparently Janae's birthday on this day, so Tanner was extra encouraging of her to shoot her shot at attractive guys they came across. When they both spotted Cody, Tanner slyly threw his shot in there as well.

“And if you are gay here’s mine,” he added to the end of the note and included his own phone number.

Cody told BuzzFeed News he “laughed” when he read the note, but neither he nor his coworker saw who had written it. Initially, he was not planning to reach out to any of the numbers. He was simply flattered, and tweeted the note out, saying it “was the highlight of [his] day.”

Not only did his tweet go super viral, but people were instantly invested. And weren't sure which “write-your-own-ending” way this would go for Cody.

@cocdcy This write-your-own-ending movie could go so many diff ways.

“Text both,” someone joked. “I would have a bisexual panic attack,” someone else hilariously weighed in.

Spoiler alert: Cody is gay. And after a lot of convincing from his coworkers, he decided to text the guy who wrote the note.

The update/reveal warmed everyone's hearts.

I’m.. crying :,) https://t.co/X0izF1oGHa

And brought a smile to people's faces, if only for a moment.

This thread made me so happy. https://t.co/jiWXjxWGsn

Cody said how things panned out still feels very “surreal.” And while it's awesome to have the internet's support, he's just glad Tanner was not presumptuous about his sexual orientation, and took a chance.

This is the most beautiful thing ive ever read https://t.co/Hvb4BZXOUz

“The unsung hero of this whole process is my best friend Janae. She’s the one who started it all,” Tanner added.

Tanner is also surprised by all of the social media attention he's gotten for simply asking someone out. And he hopes this inspires someone to muster up the courage to try it for themselves.

“Asking somebody on a real date shouldn’t be a foreign concept. I guess that’s just the world we live in,” he said. “But if you ask me, I think everyone should get off their phones and go create these experiences for themselves instead of living them vicariously on the internet.”

“Even if the whole social media thing hadn’t happened, I would be OK with that. Meeting him was worth it,” he said.

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