People Are Cracking Up At This Guy's Epic Math Response To A Joke

Connor isn't here to fuck around.

A lot of people make jokes and hyperboles. Which is what musician and social media personality Amaan Shaikh did when he shared this thought about the hit song "Closer" by The Chainsmokers on Facebook.

The post has gone very viral, with nearly 300,000 likes and over 200,000 shares.

People generally chuckled at the sentiment (I mean, the song is everywhere), until 21-year-old engineering student Connor Oliver showed up.

Oliver, who told BuzzFeed News he was doing math homework at the time he saw the Facebook post so he "already had a calculator out," decided to debunk the joke by breaking down the claims with actual figures.

He googled the cost of a Range Rover, and the rest is algebraic history. "It took maybe five minutes total for everything," he said.

People are cracking up at his epic and unexpected response. It's since been upvoted to the top with 8,200 likes.

It's even been screenshotted and shared on other social media platforms.

Oliver said he's not usually *that guy* but if someone claims something he knows is wrong, he'll probably say something.

In the end, he's just glad "everyone got a kick out of this."

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