A Guy Crashed His Wife's Live TV Report That Was Being Filmed In Their Backyard And It's Caused All Kinds Of Reactions

Don't worry, Josiah Smith said the "crash" actually happened during his wife Kristin's commercial break.

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Josiah Smith, a 36-year-old comedian and entrepreneur from Burbank, California, couldn't help himself from turning his wife's live broadcast in their backyard into a joke for TikTok last week.

It's caused all kinds of comments online, like calls of it being "irresponsible." But the couple wants to assure everyone it was all in good fun and a funny example of the weird ways jobs are having to adapt to the current crisis.

And, no, Josiah's wife Kristin Smith, 37, who's a sports anchor for CBS Los Angeles, was not fired for it. Her employer even posted the TikTok during its evening CBS News segment on Tuesday.

Josiah told BuzzFeed News that when he heard an entire film crew would be shooting their segment from their backyard that day, he immediately began "plotting how [he] could make a TikTok out of it."

In the TikTok that more than 7.7 million people have now seen, Josiah appears to look shocked to see his own backyard on TV and proceeded to walk to his backyard to crash the "live" segment.

"What most people don't know about the video is that I was watching her on live TV, but when I 'crashed,' it was actually a commercial break and Kristin just went with it," said Josiah. "And then I edited the video to fit what I wanted it to look like."

"So I'm not really a jerk, guys!"

Even though Kristin is seen being agitated in the moment, she said she and her entire TV crew knew her husband "would be up to something."

Most importantly of all, despite many online concerns that she would be fired for this, she said her bosses "loved it."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to CBS Sports.


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Despite the backlash and concerns, the couple said they're just happy it could make people laugh.

"I think laughter is something we all need a little more of these days! The video made millions of people laugh, which is great," said Kristin.

"It's a crazy time in the world — and in our house with two toddlers — but we're trying to focus on the positive and have some family fun while we're all stuck indoors," she added.

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