Gronk Just Crashed A Sean Spicer Briefing And Asked Spicer If He Needed Any Help

"20 illustrated pictures of Gronk trying to find a corner in the Oval Office."

White House press secretary Sean Spicer hosted a very brief press briefing before players from the New England Patriots met with President Trump on Wednesday. And by sheer, total, complete coincidence, tight end Rob Gronkowski poked his head in while Spicer was speaking:

GRONK just crashed Spicer's briefing @RobGronkowski @Patriots

GRONK asked Spicer — who occasionally has his struggles with the press — if he "need[ed] some help," told him "I like you," then gave him a big GRONK thumbs up, before he disappeared behind a door.

People were like, "GRONK!!!!"


And wow such Gronk, very Gronkish.

The random moment had people hilariously imagining what it'd be like if Gronk were in politics, or actually worked in the White House.

@BarstoolBigCat 20 illustrated pictures of Gronk trying to find a corner in the Oval Office.

Gronk signing executive orders:

And here we have Gronk signing legislation recognizing every Tuesday in the US as "Tequila Tuesday"

Gronk with nukes:

Gronk: can I press the button that launches the nukes? Trump: sure. Gronk: awwwwwyeah

Gronk's idea of a cabinet:

In Gronk's World cabinets are for protein powder and liquor bottles, not grown-up work.

People joked (or not) that the Patriots tight end may be our only shot right now at cutting tensions between Trump, Putin, Assad, and Kim Jong-un.

If you put Gronk in a room with Trump, Putin, Assad, and Kim Jong Un, I’m pretty sure they would all be singing kumbaya by noon

@stoolpresidente Gronk just made Sean fucking Spicer human and somewhat likeable for like 2 seconds. What a gift he is.

"I mean, since Gronk is at the White House, can he be president?"

I mean, since Gronk is at the WH, can he be president?

"KNOCK KNOCK." "Who's there?" "GRONK!!!!! I'm just messin' with you, bruh. It's just Gronk. Alright, stay blessed."

@charliespiering @seanspicer That grin on @RobGronkowski though...

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